Saturday, April 5, 2014

Saturday musings


I came  home to another oil delivery ticket the other day, and I've compared last year's oil bill to this year's, once again:

Mar 8, 2013-Mar 28, 2013 used 139.1 gallons @ $3.95/gal $549.31(20 days= 6.95/gallons/day)

Mar 14-April 4 used 129 gallons @ $3.85/gallon $496.52/21 days =6.1 gallons/day

I was glad to see that the price has come down. We've had very cold weather, but it looks like my efforts to block drafts have helped somewhat, bringing our daily average oil usage down almost a gallon/day. Considering the lack of wood stove use, my being home from work, this is good news. We'll keep doing what we're doing to save.

I continue to watch possible rentals in this town, which has few and of those offered, few which I can afford.  I have time to explore alternatives. I "know" this rental home, I know the costs associated with it. The rent is reasonable, compared to others, I can easily swing it. Heating costs are another factor. Location is great, layout-not so great. With any housing situation, there are pluses and minuses-gotta weigh both when making a decision. 

Today will  be trash/recycling day; ending up costing me $5.80 for 29 lbs trash. I also need to do some laundry, mending, baking, get my taxes/paperwork in order (dragging my feet on this it seems). 

I did manage to get the towels done and machine dried, while 2 loads of colored clothes were hung outside-they smell sooooo good!

Meals today:
Bfst: oatmeal, OJ, Coffee
Lunch: leftovers (I had pizza, DD had chicken caccitore spaghetti)
Dinner: burgers (one on a Kaiser roll, the other on whole wheat toast), fzn mixed veggies
Keeping it simple Saturday here. 

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