Friday, April 18, 2014

Product review: Hungry Jack Hashbrown potatoes


Here's a new to us product, on our plates this morning: Hungry Jack hash brown potatoes that I doctored up a bit with onion, black pepper, and used reserved bacon fat instead of oil. Very good-an interesting product. Dried, shredded potatoes are reconstituted in the box for 12 minutes with hot water, drained and then fried off. Great emergency meal, camping food item. Normally $1.79/box at the pricer S & S, I had a cpn, bringing them down to $1.29. I had hoped to find them at the dollar store.

Additional bfst offerings: pineapple juice, coffee/tea, eggs fried in bacon fat, strawberries, toast/pumpkin bread.


Mary Lou said...

I always keep a container of those in the house. I find them very similar to what you get in many restaurants at breakfast.

They also cook up nicely.

slugmama said...

#2 Son loves these. I believe I found them at Wegman's if you have one there. They were $1.25 or so regular price.

Susan said...

Carol, I love these hash browns. I can find them under a $1 with double coupons. They are great for keeping on the pantry shelf too. We don't buy fresh potatoes too much so these are a good substitute for when the hash brown craving hits.

Linda said...

I inherited a box of those. They were quite tasty. Someday, I am going to experiment with making a breakfast casserole with those, eggs, bacon, caramelized onions, and cheese. I think it will be great. I need to look for a coupon.

CTMOM said...

No Wegman's up here in CT. I was able to use a large coupon towards these, so not too bad. We liked them. While I wouldn't pay full price, if I can get them on a deal, then, yes, we'll have them again.