Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Planning ahead-on many fronts

Came home from work, took the now dried laundry off of the line, folded it/placed it on hangers, moved on to folding machine dried towels that were awaiting me in a laundry basket. Culled some for mending this weekend.

 Did another cold water wash, dried 1/2 in the dryer (towels, some pants DS wants me to shrink @@),and hung the other half outside. This is a routine I keep up while the forecast is good. Rain is to move in late tomorrow evening, well past the time when I will have brought the clothes inside.

Later in the afternoon, I got the mail. Included was a package from my mail order pharmacy.  Enclosed was $329.67 worth of generic allergy spray formulations. My cost: $0. I will be able to order again (3 month supply), in early June, which will provide me enough Rx to get me through to the end of this medical insurance "Year" which will end August 31. This was today's freebie.

Mixed up a batch of honey wheat bread in the AMB, using plain AP flour, wheat flour and some added wheat gluten. It's rising again, and will soon be baked off. Sandwich bread for tomorrow.

Another pot of home brewed tea is going for the kid's refillable drink bottles.

Supper for just 2 tonight, so I've pulled the rest of some sloppy joe sauce out of the freezer, along with a lb of ground beef. Yesterday, I did a quick grocery shop, as I was in the city and we ran out of essentials, and I included a pkg of 8 hamburger buns. 4 used for supper last night, 4 remain.

French style green beans will accompany. Simple and done.

I've been watching out pantry and freezer contents reduce, yet we still have quite a variety on hand. I do have to stock back up on some things this weekend (ran out of bread flour, for example), but grocery shopping this month is again reduced as we ride out the impact of me being on unpaid leave from work.

Here are May's dinner menus, again focusing on items on hand:

1-stir fry with udon noodles
3-beef noodle soup, using fzn shank bones
4-meatloaf (beef-turkey), mashed potatoes, beef-onion gravy, carrots
5-arroz con pavo (use fzn turkey)
6-linguini w/ homemade marinara and Italian sausage crumbles, salad
8-homemade salmon cakes, mashed potatoes, corn
9-homemade pizza
10-chicken rice soup
11-Mother's Day-TBD
12-creamed tuna on rice, green beans
13-chicken burgers, oven fries, steamed Kale
15-stir fried rice
17-clam chowder (homemade), saltines
18-hamloaf (use fzn pork sausage and ground ham), au gratin potaotes, green beans with stewed tomatoes
19-horseradish encrusted fish, Basmati rice, coleslaw
20-tacos (use beef and beans), on tortillas, corn
22-Kale-apple chicken sausage quiche, carrots
24-lentil soup, crackers
25-picnic TBD
26-picnic TBD
27-crockpot chilli, corn breand
29-vegetarian pasta bake with shredded cheese on top
31-split pea soup using meaty ham bone, biscuits

Most meals do not have vegetable sides listed. Our new organic CSA is to start in a few weeks, and weekly selections will be a mystery. : )


Ms. Sandie Apuzzo said...

Hi Carol,

I too, have horrible allergies, and even with a combo of two prescription pills and prescription eye drops I suffer. I miss being able to hang out laundry, but found that the clothes were covered with pollen which made it hard for me to wear. I hang all my clothes on hangers on laundry day and let them dry around the three sided mantle around the fireplace. The rest (DH work clothes and rags/towels) in the dryer. You don't have this allergy related/drying problem in the warm months?

Anonymous said...

Any news on moving? Love your menu for the month

young77 said...

Your menu choices for May sound really yummy! I'm going to use some of your ideas : ) I went grocery shopping today and went (as always) to the "ugly" fruit/veg shelves. Got a bag of each: 6 garlic bulbs; 3 big apples; 2 mangoes & 1 lime; 3 oranges; 2 grapefruit & 1 lemon - each bag was $.99 each.The bags weighed 1 - 1 1/2 lb. each. A whole chicken (for the crockpot tomorrow) for $.88/lb. The one I got was 5.5 lbs. A good feeling!

CTMOM said...

While I have heard and read that line drying can aggravate allergies, it doesn't seem to impact us. Yes, some periods of the year are rougher than others (Hayfever in August, grass in the spring, and mold year round). We are located in a hilly, mountainous area that is breezy as a result. Maybe the pollen can't cling to it?

CTMOM said...

I'm about to send my April 15th rent check (I go the 15th of one month to the 14th of the next) and continue to watch the limited rental market. My current lease runs until Aug 14th. I have time. I plan on asking for several additions to my soon to expire lease (assuming I have to stay put):
-no penalty clause with 30 day notice, can break lease without additional rent due, security deposit to be returned
-clarification of snow removal to snow removal on driveway, walkway and front steps
-and ?

Keeping my options open for the moment and trying to save every penny I can for our next forever home

CTMOM said...

Young-you got some great bargains!