Sunday, April 20, 2014

Happy Easter!

It'll be a quiet day here, "vacation" officially is ending, it's back to work/school, our normal routine in the morning. Due to appointments and my internal time clock, I've been up early all vacation. : )

Some laundry to do in cold, and then line dry. Other than that, just some puttering around I suppose. I do want to get over to IGA today, it's the last day of their sale on Gold Medal unbleached AP flour $1.88/5 lb bag and I just emptied my storage bin of AP flour. While AP flour is cheaper at Aldi's, it's not my prefered, unbleached variety.

 Breakfast is fend for yourself-several options. I made myself a leftover hashbrowns and 2 egg whites plus one broken egg while making a birthday cake and trying to separate yolks from whites, omelette. Lunch will be pretty much the same-leftovers I suspect will be pushed. Small fridge=get it out of there, FAST! Easter dinner tonight, as DS is working until 5 p.m. so we'll eat for 6. I pulled a butt portion ham out of the freezer, I'll bake it with sliced pineapple rings, making a glaze out of pineapple juice/spicy mustard/brown sugar and stud the ham with whole clove. Parslied, boiled new potatoes, steamed asparagus, corn (a request), boiled kielbasa with choice of mustard will finish the meal. Home made chocolate birthday cake with a layer of Italian cherry fruit preserves and coconut inside, iced with home made, chocolate-cream cheese icing. Yum! Mint chocolate chip ice cream to accompany.

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Linda said...

yum, if I had an invitation, I think I can make it there in time!