Thursday, April 17, 2014

Getting ready to celebrate!


Up and out early this morning for a PT appointment, then stopped at Aldi's for milk, 1/2 & 1/2 (kept a cooler in the car, but it's cold out), then on to my monthly hair appointment. Next stop, as I worked my way home: Target: 2 99 cents/lb fzn turkey breasts (the limit), 2 pkgs marked down ground beef, large eggs @ 99/lb, 2 pairs of cargo shorts for DS (who commented that he's not sure that he likes them), a navy cardigan for me (on my to find list) and a blue/white stripped, scoop neck T for me. I then headed over to Dollar Tree, hoping to get some tater tots-they were out. So I returned to Aldi's (next door) and got tater tots and hamburger buns. Once home, I made lunch, we cleaned up a bit, then I set to wrapping DS # 1's birthday gifts, having the boys sign their cards for him.  I intentionally chose loud, kid themed, wrapping paper that I unearthed from my craft closet. I hope DS gets a chuckle out of it! Now that we're set on the birthday celebration for this Sat, I can focus on making the cake tomorrow (assemble on Sat), and getting Easter preparations finalized. We're starting to gather a menu, from requests.

 Late in the afternoon, the cleaning service came for my monthly deep clean so, I popped a tray of fzn enchilladas and a tray of stuffed shells into the oven for supper. These are extra "frozen assets" I prepared prior to my surgery. A quick salad, dinner is done. I hope to turn in early tonight, I am tired.

While it's been a "vacation" it has really been about getting stuff done. The house looks great (except for my stack of mending and the stack of clothes I still need to cull through) but it's clean, well organised otherwise.  : )

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