Saturday, April 19, 2014

Fruitful Friday


A fruitful Friday, actually a fruitful "vacation" week at home. Up early this morning, made bfst of eggs, hash browns (see product review post), pineapple juice, coffee/tea, toast/pumpkin bread. Lunch was fried fish fillet sandwiches (fzn) on toasted hamburger buns with homemade tartar sauce, lettuce. Sides were corn and a fzn chicken rice-veg mix that I recently purchased for $1.Dinner was 2 homemade cheese pizzas (all the kids here plus the GF), large tossed salad of iceberg lettuce (not a fav but I got 2 heads @ 50 cents each on marked down), organic baby spinach leaves, grape tomatoes, cannellini beans, grated carrot. Choice of dressings.

2 loads of laundry hung outside, the usual daily cleaning jobs but my main task was to tackle to mound of mending that had piled up:

-6 bath towels that were fraying
-2 hand towels-fraying
-9 socks
-a sweater with loose buttons
-a pair of cargo pants needing new hems on the legs as well as 2 patches (that's why I save twill cut offs)
-2 pairs of sleep pants (one patched with fabric from a cotton blouse I was going to upcycle into a quilt)
-5 pairs of leggings
-2 flannel bottom sheets with holes (now sporting new patches made from repurposed flannel boxers whose elastic gave out)
-a T shirt with an underarm hole
-a long sleeved T with a seam needing to be restitched
-a sweater with 2 holes where the tag was pulled off
-3 athletic undershirts

I may be missing something. As usual, I turned to my odd ball colored thread, using several spools finally up. I find that mixing a neutral such as beige/grey with a weird color helps the color to blend in better. Whenever crutial, I will use the "proper" color, but efforts are being made to make due with what I have. A hole in a sock can be chartreuse (yes, a color I am currently using up) while a black sweater, really needs black.

Addressed a "problem" earlier: the double kitchen sink has 2 sink strainers:

one is the standard type, while the other is a mesh screen gizmo that really gunks up easily. I found that I was sending it through the dishwasher daily, if not hand washing it. I really wanted a standard strainer for both sides of this sink. The I remembered: there is a sink we don't ever use at the "bar"-sure enough, it had a standard sink strainer so I swapped them out. Nice. I was actually considering buying one, it was that much of a bother.

DS #1 was here yesterday, earning some extra cash this month, while attending to some chores I can't yet do easily, for which I'd otherwise turn to the expensive, handyman service, which charges over 5 times what I offer DS-which is still double what he normally earns at work, so it's a win-win situation. One task I asked him to attend to, was to finish emptying out the back storage section of the garage. There, he found a glass storm door panel, and as I suspected, it's the missing glass storm panel for the front entry vestibule storm door that I have been putting 6 ml plastic over the screen to help insulate it for cold weather. Awesome! The landlord didn't know where it was (hasn't been here in years) and wouldn't spring for a new/replacement one. I priced them out at the hardware store-pricey. Should we end up staying her another year, we now have the storm window. Yay! It's the small things that matter sometimes! : )


Belinda said...

How great that you found the glass panel for the storm door. It is the little things that matter at times.

Sounds like you were busy yesterday and got a lot done, I love days like that.

I have those screen things in my sink too and I find it best to clean them daily too. Glad you were able to swap it out.

CTMOM said...

While colleagues were able to travel to exotic places, and take family trips, I had a very, very productive "staycation" taking car of the car, sewing,clothing, birthday celebration, Easter celebration, taxes, budget etc. Not exciting, but so comforting to address these things-which are necessities.

Marcia in rural WNY said...

Did I mention before to you that medium grey thread patches jeans better than navy if they are the lighter colors? Found out through the local quilt guild that many quilters use grey thread on most colors of fabric and it's turned out to be a useful hint for me.
In my mending pile this week was the $120 retail sweater that she "had" to have at Christmas. Since I was a Lacoste, and I was able to get 25% off, I bought it because I knew I wasn't going to buy the $300 purse she wanted. Well, she "accidentally" tossed it in the dryer....although she swears she hand washes it and dries it flat.....and it got a small rip where the ribbing joins the back. I fixed it, but it's not totally invisible. Told her that future sweaters will come from Old Navy. (Although they probably won't.) She is way too impressed with brand names. I usually spring for Land's End when I want something to stand up to lots of wear....if I can't find it at Penney's or Goodwill. She's improving...I think. Told her mother to let me know she put emergency purchases on the credit card....the "emergency" was that the coupon was going to expire!! At least she's thinking about saving. Her mother and I are very frugal...she hasn't gotten the memo yet. Graduation in 4 weeks (college) and then welcome to the real world.

DW said...

Congrats on your productive week ... I dearly need to take some time off and tackle things ...

CTMOM said...

thanks for passing that along.I think I originally read in TWG that using a grey/beige with another color helps it to blend into the garment being repaired. I have a huge box, yes BOX of spools of thread that I am trying to use up, with the idea of eventually only having about 6 colors on hand (white, beige, black, navy, brown, hot pink).

CTMOM said...

DW-not an exciting vacation, but one that meet my needs. : )