Monday, April 7, 2014

Fish on Monday: tuna casserole

A family favorite around here, that I haven't made in a while: tuna casserole using fresh carrots, fzn peas, 2 cans ck lite tuna, cr of celery soup, a can of mushrooms, milk, black pepper, dill weed, dried minced onion, French's French fried onion rings, a few shavings of a good, NY state sharp Cheddar cheese and medium pasta shells. I first parboiled the carrots, then the pasta (using the same water) while I mixed the sauce. Blended it together with the carrots and pasta, sprinkled some lurking French fried onions and topped it all with some Cheddar shavings.

Delicious, hot, filling on a damp, rainy night.

Meanwhile, a 2 lb loaf of white bread is baking off, and I have a load of colored clothes to wash from the weekend.

Today's work wear: dark jeans, white V necked ruffled dressier T (recent Savers acquisition), 3/4 sleeved vertical striped V necked cardigan in white, pink, hot pink, baby blue, chocolate and a silvery-tan color; silver flats, diamond studs

Busy day at work today, stayed late to address some  paperwork, stopped at the bank to deposit 4 checks which equaled almost $400.

 Going to run the dishwasher and turn in early. DS with a cough all night kept me up until at least 1 a.m., when I finally gave in and asked DD to escort him to the other side of the house to sleep, so that we could try to get some sleep. We are all exhausted as a result.

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Kearnygirl said...

Hi! Your food always sounds so good! I have always cooked and people say I am a pretty good cook but I have never made a tuna casserole. I don't know why! I like everything you put in that casserole except I don't care for cheese with fish for some reason but I could always omit that. I am going to try making one soon. Enjoy your blog and glad that you are back on track working and feeling better.