Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Crock Pot and planned overs=dinner on a busy night

Early this morning, I grabbed my container of planned overs from Sunday, dumped the contents into a smaller Crock Pot, adding an 8 oz can of tomato sauce, and a pkg of sliced, frozen zucchini. I am not much of a fan of zuke, much preferring the yellow, Summer squash variety. I thought of this recipe idea as a means to stretch the anticipated, leftover cacciatore sauce. I ended up with 2 leftover thighs, which I now have stretched into 6 servings. Awesome! I left this to simmer all day while at work and medical appointments. Once home, all I had to do was cook the rest of a package of linguini, take out the wedge of Parmesan and the grater. Here's my pasta bowl, filled with tonight's offerings before we got to it. It was delicious, and glad to report that there are 2 smaller lunches available for DD and I to tote to work tomorrow. I have more frozen zuke (shreds for baking but also chopped and sliced for recipes such as this). Glad to get one out of the freezer.

Ran a load of towels this morning, DD machine dried them for me while I was at work. She had the day off from work, took care of some routine blood work as a result of a recent physical. All costs for both aforementioned were covered in full by our insurance. Great.

Since we needed a few things, DS and I stopped at Aldi's on the way back from the city, spending under $28 for milk, butter, 1/2 & 1/2, chunk lite tuna, salmon, tomato sauce, celery, fzn OJ, 2 pkgs sliced cheese for sandwiches (sharp Cheddar, Provolone), bologna. Good top up. Paid CASH.

Made more tea for the kids to take to school, we've moved onto a large, repurposed jar of green tea (assorted brands all stored together. Some was gifted to us, some are sample packs. Regardless, it's on hand, we're using it)

Dishes done, dishwasher going. I need to set out my clothes for tomorrow and make it an early night. I am pretty sore (to be expected) after PT. Focus has been on muscle strengthening as well as stretching my shoulder to regain flexibility. I keep reminding myself that the MD fixed the left side, it's at 100% mobility, it's awesome; the right one will just need time to get there. I am very compliant about exercises, doing them 3 x's day.

Tomorrow's work outfit: chocolate brown dress pants, my new to me chocolate print dressier T, a 3/4 sleeve medium pink acrylic cardigan, brown loafers, pearl drop ear rings, brown/tan/pink/off white beaded necklace chain.

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