Saturday, April 26, 2014

Addressing some needs by NOT hitting the Mall

We don't frequent the Mall, never really have. If an errand takes us to a particular store housed there, we run in, get what's required and go. Today's mission: finding shorts for the teen boys. First stop: Salvation Army
No shorts  BUT I did find a brand new with tags, cotton knit PJ set with sleep pants, a long sleeved top and a tank top to where instead of the long sleeved top in Summer. Awesome find for $4.99 plus tax. My Summer nightware is scarey and needs replacement.

Next stop: Savers. Again no shorts but I ended up with the following:

 I came acrpss a separated by top, bottom and cases but once purchased -a complete set of flannel sheets by Eddie Bauer. I checked on line-these retail, if sold as a set, $80. I paid $6.97 plus tax. These are in like new condition
 in a fun print. We have 3 twin beds in our home, and I like to have 2 sets of cotton, and 2 sets of flannel for each bed. Even in Winter, sheets are air dried. One DS has a set of comparable Portugese flannel sheets from LL Bean-my usual brand that I select, whose bottom sheet has been patched and now has worn so thin it's about to shred. I will save what I can from it (possible quilt project) but most will end up in the rag bin.  Great find.
 More twin bottom sheets, to replace some Spring/Summer cotton ones that we are once again using. I noted that one of ours has multiple holes, and has become thread bare. The yellow one is from The Company Store, the baby blue one is Wamsutta 100% Egyptian cotton, the blue print one is also a heavy weight all cotton from Stevens by Pierre Deux French country, Arts des Provinces 1990. Each cost $1.99 plus tax. Similar quality and thread count sheet sets start at $40 at the discount retailers such as TJ Maxx

I also spotted some new with tags, heavier weight crew socks for me. Perfect for wearing with my Dansko clogs. From St John's Bay, a JC Penney company @ $1.99. Browns and black. Perfect.

I stopped at TJMaxx (I am also hunting down some perfume-unsuccessfully. I fear that I may end up at the Mall after all). I bought 2 pairs of shorts for one kidlet, who turned his nose up at the 2 pairs I bought him at Target. I did find some more things for me:

 Terry scuff slippers, not Dearfoam, the brand I usually turn to, but these were only $7.99 plus tax, should be perfect for after showering. I tossed out my former pair and have been using a set of ballet slippers that also need to be thrown out.
 I've been looking for a replacement after shower, cotton knit robe and finally found one. Oscar de la Renta in a white, waffle weave with a grossgrain sash. Perfect.$24.99 plus tax.
Finally, a second nightware option: a cotton knit nightie by Miss Elaine, a brand I've worn for years. I have 2 current aka old nighties that are worn thin to the point of being sheer. Time to let them go. $16.99 plus tax.

I also tried Marshalls for shorts, and perfume. Nothing. I walked out.

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