Tuesday, April 8, 2014

A quick supper night

Another stretchy meal tonight: using 1 lb of marked down, ground chicken that I defrosted overnight, I made up 5 good sized chicken patties using 1 egg, homemade bread crumbs, some white Worcestershire sauce, 1 grated carrot, some Mrs Dash garlic and herb seasoning. Fried these off in my large cast iron skillet with a bit of "Pam" spray.
 Some Savoy cabbage was shredded and fried in the medium cast iron pan, using reserved bacon fat. Salt, pepper and a 15 oz can (Crash n burn @ 49 cents) of Italian style, stewed tomatoes were then added. This was warmed through before serving.
 Canned corn, seasoned with black pepper and a pat of butter rounded out the meal.
Here's my supper plate.

Tuesday's work outfit: black dress pants, short sleeved blouse in a pink, hot pink, raspberry, white floral print; black flats, pearls and pearl drop ear rings.

Returned from PT this afternoon, and was able to get 2 loads of laundry out on the clothesline to dry overnight. Still in the 50's at almost 8:30 p.m. and breezy. Going to dip a bit overnight, but again climb up to the 60's tomorrow. It'll dry in no time.

After supper, as I was hanging out the dishrags on the porch clothesline (it's small), I was greeted by the new neighbor, who I met prior to his moving in. He inquired about getting a lawn service to put fresh loom on the property and grade and seed it. He wanted to know if I wanted to go in on it with him. I politely declined. I have no interest nor do I have the means to invest in the landlord's landscaping. My lease requires me to "mow the grass" and that is what I do, thank you.  He also suggested that I go in with him and use his lawn service/plow service. Since I am in a contract with the snow plow service, I am locked into that. Although expensive, I have been very pleased with the job. Lawn mowing? I have used someone for 2 years now, he's affordable, does a good job. I am very, very leery of the idea of "going in with someone" (especially a total stranger) on a financial commitment such as lawn or snow plow service. I'll take care of my 1/2, you can take care of yours. No entanglement needed, thanks.


Mary Lou said...

I agree about going in with someone, what if you end up moving? How would you settle up, pay the rest of the money up front?

Partnerships like that don't usually end well.

I already warned my dh about the fencing around our yard. I won't be spending money for a new one when this one goes. I told him if the neighbors want to put fencing up, fine....but no splitting costs with them.

CTMOM said...

Mary Lou,
Agree with you 100%, I am not looking for any complications. I've got a lawn service we find adequate, dependable and most importantly, AFFORDABLE. I am looking to decrease, not increase my expenses as I save for our next home.

CTMOM said...
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