Wednesday, April 30, 2014

A busy day and some groussing


Up and out early to work this morning. Busy time at work, ended up staying an hour later than I had planned, but no worries, I accomplished a lot. Back home, I got the wood stove going to get the chill out of the house, even with the central heat on, the rain and dampness just sets into this stone faced home. Just me for supper, I ended up with franks and beans. Quick and easy.  Since I had time this evening, and won't tomorrow, due to an after work meeting, I baked.

 Several of my colleagues as well as myself, learned via email today, that our Dept will be hosting a before work breakfast this Friday. Apparently only a few Dept members even knew that this was up for planning, and only some were solicited as to do they prefer a before or an after work event. No one said boo to me about it.

 Sigh-some more notice, PLEASE??? Several of us had the same reaction. Nice thought, as I frankly put it to some co-workers at lunch today, but I am at the point in my life where I say no to things that add stress to my life. Had I known of this event, I could have baked at my leisure,  this weekend and frozen what I made, instead of scrambling. If I had learned of this tomorrow for the next day, I would have been quite assertive and state, "No, 24 hours notice simply doesn't work for me."  "They" are lucky that I didn't have any appointments after work today, or no would have been the response.

I also stated at lunch today, that while I understand that some may suggest that I can just run to the grocery store and pick something up, frankly, I can not afford to do that, just coming off of unpaid sick leave. I don't mind baking/cooking, and I willingly do so, I do enjoy it. I don't mind offering my fair share to the shared luncheons/bfsts. The 48 hours notice however-that has gotta go. Not the first time that this has happened this year either. Lovely to recognize events, birthdays, etc but these events are adding stress that I simply do not need. I have no issue raising this topic for discussion either. I seriously wish we would just drop these events and be done with them.

Originally I had signed up to bake some pumpkin breads, but ended up making some of my squash-spice-chocolate chip muffins instead. Only 30 minutes in the oven vs one hour +. Faster and less energy. Done. 24 muffins will be my contribution.

After cleaning up the kitchen, I sat with the cat, next to the wood stove and mended a nightgown, an undershirt, 2 socks. Laundry also dried and folded. These type of things I try to stay on top of, before they become a major project.


Florence said...

I am retired now but how well I remember the stress of all the add-on things that we were expected to participate in! Good for you for speaking up against the short notice!

Isabella W said...

Of course, you did just receive a nice gift card! I'm sure you have contributed lots to the pot over the years. At my school, we usually just send a signed card for illnesses and funerals. However, we have lunches or breakfasts hosted by different grade levels, buffet style, and everyone seems to be happy to keep this. We have a very sociable staff, and this doesn't seem to be burdensome for anyone.

CTMOM said...

Yes, I shared my thoughts today with a colleague who helped to organize this. She normally deals with these things, it got pushed aside, so another stepped in, last minute. I wouldn't have been as perturbed if this scenario was initially shared in the e-mail solicitation we received. Regardless, I was quite clear that 48 hours notice isn't fair, it's not the first time this has happened this year, and I for one, as well as others who expressed the same, would have appreciated the weekend ahead to have cooked or purchase something, as the individual decides is best for his/her situation. I often can't just run out, due to my commitments and now, additional financial constraints. It worked out for me in the end, I was able to bake last night. I did tell the aforementioned colleague that if I hadn't had Wed's commitment cancelled, the e-mail response would have been simply, "Sorry, I am not able to." It was a pleasant conversation, we are both personalities that tend to be frank, and address issues head on, rather than let them fester.

CTMOM said...

Yes, these can be quite enjoyable events. I assume that when the grade level events are hosted, people know well in advance WHEN the commitment will be, and can plan accordingly. This really hasn't been the case this year, at work, in my case. It can be a burden on one's time, if not finances. I contribute every time, with food stuffs that I can afford, made from scratch on most occassions. I am at the point that if someone doesn't like it, they are welcome to do it all themselves. : )

Yes, a card in recognition is very nice. It's really all that I expect or want from work.

Lots of occassions we are asked to chip in. Luckily, I convinced "them" that if doing a cash collection, an envelope passed along for people to insert what they can is best, vs asking for $X-which may/not be do-able for all.

I asked if there was to be anything else this year and we will be having a retirement party (with gift), a baby shower luncheon (with gift). End of the year also means that some* will be asking for contributions for some of our Aides who work with us. I feel that I'll have to bow out on the last one this year. $ is tight thru Sept 15th.