Friday, March 14, 2014

Well, that was disappointing!


On the way back home from a medical appointment, DS and I stopped in at the local IGA to place an order for one, for fish and chips, as well as to pick up a few specials that I recently loaded onto my store card. I approached the prepared foods area, and spoke with a clerk. She went to the prep area, then returned stating that they don't have any. I explained that I was just there a few days ago, mentioned the clerk I do know by name and the gist of our conversation, but more importantly, I mentioned the conversation I had with the manager of the prepared foods area, who explained that he could use Cod, a side of fries and the price he quoted me, "8.99." Girl left and another clerk approaches (I recognize her, she's been there for decades!). She says she's sorry, they just don't have any fish back there, doesn't know where to look, the people I spoke with aren't there today, etc. (BTW-they have a sushi and fish counter as well @@). OK. thanks.

We continue to cherry pick some specials, again paying with my gift card. I ended up selecting a 6 ct breaded fish fillet (frozen) from which I am making myself a fish sandwich tonight, tater tots on the side. Cost: $4.50 for the 6 fillets, $2.99 for 8 rolls. Tater tots were $1.89/bag, I am using 1/4 of the bag. Ketchup on the side, homemade relish on the roll, leftover homemade cole slaw as well on the plate.

I am seriously thinking of speaking to the store manager on this. It's a family store, for generations. The grandfather who opened this store back in the day would be royally pissed if he knew what happened today. I know the grandson, who now manages this store.  : (


Theresa F said...

I don't get it? Could they not just have run out of cod and were telling the truth? Do you think they lied to you?

CTMOM said...

I thanked the woman who came over to speak to me, then walked over to the fish area located next to the prepared foods area. Plenty of Cod, as well as other fish available. Simply didn't want to deal with it.

Theresa F said...

Oh okay, that is brutal. You should mention it to management. Just plain laziness and so obvious.