Thursday, March 20, 2014

Vegetarian Thursday: Bean and cheese tacos

Bean (using canned pink, "crash and burn")and shredded Cheddar cheese tacos on  soft tortillas. Side will be canned corn.
Simple, quick and easy.

 For those who don't know, this is what "crash and burn" is: a marked down product, because it's less than perfect. In this case, it's a can of store brand, pink beans that normally sell for 68 cents. Due to it's less than perfect condition, it's 50% off, or 34 cents/16 oz can. My go to price for canned beans is 50 cents and dried $1. This is a significant savings.
 This can must have fallen off of a shelf. Note the ding.

Here's an inside shot. Just a ding. Seal on can seam not at all compromised, this is safe to use. This is a trick that I grew up with, as my family has many members who worked in the grocery business. So super cheap eats tonight!

can of bean: 34 cents
handful of organic Spring greens: negligible
marked down tomato: 30 cents
4 oz Cracker Barrel cheese bought on sale plus cpn: 15 cents
homemade taco sauce: 10 cents
pkg of flour tortillas: $1
homemade taco seasoning: negligible
canned corn: 25 cents

So approx $3.14 to feed 4 people tonight. This works for me!


Shara said...

Hope you are feeling better... I always wonder why people go out in public sick like that. :-(

We had vegetarian last night. Cheese pizza and a large garden salad. Hubby took leftovers for his lunch and us girls will be pulling out leftover turkey salad and having sandwiches for lunch today.

Belinda said...

Sounds good. I like simple and easy. We are doing meatless tonight too. Baked Potatoes with a salad. Easy peasy.

j said...

Hope you feel better. I always use hand sant after I get anything from our druggist. I figure they are touching to many sick people.

Feel better soon