Friday, March 7, 2014

"To do" projects

I tend to set myself up with projects, as with lists, I tend to get more done.

-go through and inventory the food in cabinets/pantry/freezer-DONE
-go through and have DS's try on clothes, donate unwanted items, make list for clothing NEEDS-DONE
-sell DS's prisine clothing items
-go through my closet, cull through unwanted items-donate/sell
-go though my clothes in storage bins-cull through unwanted items-donate/sell
-go through coat closet-cull through unwanted items-donate/sell
-make a list for my clothing NEEDS
-shop second hand market for NEEDS
-hit sales at retailers, taking advantage of promotions/coupon incentives for NEEDS
-order DS's birthday laptop
-shop second hand market for bread machine for college boy, who told me he wanted one (gift idea for upcoming birthday)
-sell my Nancy Drew books, most of my quart canning jars (a size I don't use much anymore)
-go through my jewelry (I can only wear gold so it's nice but not mega $$) and sell what I no longer use
-use proceeds of jewelry sale to finance repair/restringing of pearl necklace, repair of some pearl earings that I do wear often
-go through and drastically reduce my cookbook collection. Dust collectors, many of them. While some were donated when I moved, many more simply need to go. While I currently have a library wall of shelves to fill, my next housing situation most likely won't. I want to limit myself to those that I constantly use, and what will fit in a 3 shelved, standard bookcase that was made by my grandfather.
-go through kitchen dish cabinets, cull unused items for donation

I hope to finish going through my clothes this weekend. A bit at a time, until I am fatigued or in pain, then I stop and rest. Everyday brings noticeable improvements in my recovery; I work through it.

The clothes languishing in my closet and in the storage bins (for the most part moved in here, and just sat) need to be addressed. Visual clutter is an energy sapper. If it is just sitting here, gathering dust while someone else would benefit from it, it's gotta go. I did unload a lot of stuff when I moved out of my former home, frankly, it was very liberating. I keep in mind that we may very well move this Spring/Summer; the less stuff/unwanted/unused items on hand, the better.

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