Tuesday, March 11, 2014

This morning's grocery store trip

After PT, I headed over to the pricey IGA, in the next town over. Hoping to get the most bang out of my $100 GC, I had my long grocery list in hand, a list of this week's specials, and some coupons.  Note that this store doesn't mark ANYTHING down, not even produce. Shrug

This is what I bought:

-8 ct pkg of NY poppy seeded Kaiser rolls (treat)
-2 Beefsteak seeded Rye (used $1/ea cpns)
-box of brown rice  ($1 off cpn)
-4, 50 oz bottles All detergent BOGO plus 2, $2/2 coupons brought it down to $2/bottle, my go to price. Couldn't pass it up at that deal
-4 120 ct boxes Scotties tissues, BOGO plus $1/4 cpn =60 cents/box. I was down to one extra box in the closet
-2 each: 2 l bottles ginger ale, cola @ 85 ea
-2 lbs (block) of Sorrento mozzarella BOGO + $1 cpn= $2.75/lb. I was out and need some for next weeks' pizza night
-1 roll Jimmy Dean pork breafast sausage $3.49 after $1 off cpn
-just under 5 lb corned beef brisket @ $2.39/lb We'll have this Sun, saving my already on hand one in the freezer for another time. I am debating going back for 1 or 2 more for the freezer
-parsnips $1.50
-just under 5 lb green cabbage @ 19/lb
-5 lb bag red bliss potatoes (treat/extra item) $2.50
-just over 2 lbs asparagus @ $1.69/lb (thought of Sluggy)
-just under 3 lb Savoy cabbage. Frugal Queen often serves this as a side vegetable. I researched it, and this variety has some health attributes that reg. green cabbage doesn't. Price Rite sells it for 89/lb, I paid 99/lb for this one
-1 lb box of strawberries (treat)
-1 lb block of Adams' Reserve NY state Cheddar (TREAT! but love this great quality cheese) @ $5.99/lb (we were also out of Cheddar, and it was on my list to buy)
-1/2 lb block of Old Crock Australian sharp Cheddar $3.49 after $1.50 coupon.  Something new for us (treat)
-1 lb container of Red Bliss potato salad @ $2.99/lb (treat)
-1/2 lb Boar's Head VA ham @ $8.99/lb-EGADS! (treat)
-3/4 lb Shady Brook farms turkey breast @ $5.99/lb (treat)

I saved $11.35 in mostly doubled coupons
I spent $81.26 of the $100 gift card, with $18.74 remaining.

I asked at the hot food to go section if they are doing Fish/chips on Fridays for Lent (they have in the past). I know one of the clerks and he checked with his manager. While they aren't having a promotion, if I call ahead and ask for a fish/chip dinner, they will use Cod and prepare one for me. Cost: $8.99. It's dinner for one this Fri, so I am contemplating treating myself. Jury is still out, however.


slugmama said...

You did well and go on and splurge on the fish dinner! ;-)

Rachel said...

I agree. You did great! And go treat yourself. :)

Anonymous said...

Great shopping trip!

Anonymous said...

I would say you did really well especially since you said it's an expensive store. And you have to treat yourself once in awhile