Thursday, March 6, 2014

The bin is already 1/2 full

The compost bucket is full, needs to be emptied outside.

The trash and recycling was all taken over to the transfer station yesterday, but the tall kitchen garbage can turned into "recycling bin" is already 1/2 full, one day later. Just what is in there?

-gallon milk jug
-48 oz canola oil bottle + cap
-3 cans beans + metal lids
-1 can chunky soup + lid
-1 paper board and metal canister baking cocoa + plastic lid
-1 can milk
-1 can pineapple juice + metal lid
-20 oz paperboard canister from raisins + plastic lid
-4 lb box baking soda
-10 oz plastic shower gel bottle w/ cap
-plastic packaging from DD's make up
-tissue box, "pull strip opening" to another (new replacement) tissue box
-colored sections of newspaper (bk/white parts saved for fire starting)
-paperboard from lb of stick margarine
-3 pieces junk mail
-trash receipt, grocery receipt, 2 scrap paper, 2 paper labels to aluminum pie pans
-tie on wire to bok choy
-plastic cap to shave gel
-2 plastic "sifter" lids to spice jars (I measure these spices, so sifter cap was useless to me)

This is already prefolded, when applicable (boxes for example) yet there still is quite a bit being kept out of the waste stream. This is so second nature to me. It also showcases what we are using, what we are using up.


Anonymous said...

Nice Job! Our roller bin is nearly full too...thankfully next week is recycle week. Trash barrel - about 1/3 full argh

Unknown said...

We use all paper, cardboard containers and junk mail collected in a paper bag to start the next mornings fire in the woodstove.

CTMOM said...

My woodstove has a catalytic burner feature, therefor I need to be careful about any inks on paper being burned. Are you also charged by the pound to dispose of trash?

Unknown said...

Hi again. We live in southern Maine in a small town. We have to take everything to the transfer station but there is no charge. (We used to live in Fairfield County also)

CTMOM said...

Unknown Mainer
You're lucky not to have a fee to get rid of trash. CT no longer has any open landfills (for years), so all trash is burned (then there's the air quality issue and no one wants the ash), or is shipped down south to be buried. Sad really. Wish there was a national mandate for mixed stream recycling. I can only do my part.