Thursday, March 6, 2014

The bean feast continues: Vegetarian Thursday's black bean burgers

Image courtesy of Hanover foods

Defrosting is my last bag of purchased, frozen black beans. They will be coupled with a can of black beans (Shoprite can can sale) and made into black beans burgers, to be served on toasted rolls. Steamed kale and carrots will accompany.

Here is the recipe I use, minus the Cilantro which tastes like soap to us:


Shanna said...

I've never heard anyone but my sister say that. That it tastes like soap. lol And here I thought she was just crazy for saying it. Me on the other hand the more cilantro the better. :) I've always wanted to try black bean burgers ever since I saw the recipe on the prudent homemaker's website. But my hubby is very leery of the idea. Maybe someday I'll just do it & see what he thinks.

CTMOM said...

There is a genetic thing: so some people, Cilantro tastes like soap! Here's a link that explains it:

Debbie said...

My kids love beans. I am curious and would think that with a bun, some veggies and/or fruit, they would be happy to try this. Stupid question, are you using something to bind them (like breadcrumbs), or does the bean constitute as a binding ingredient?
I haven't had enough tea this morning.

CTMOM said...

Copy and paste the link above into your web browser. This particular recipe uses both bread crumbs and egg to bind the beans together. Substitute cracker crumbs, shredded vegetables, some cheese, oats, rice etc. Pretty versatile.

Purchasing Dr Praegger's veggie burgers is out of the question for me right now, so I turn to homemade versions. : )

If your kids like beans, these should go over well. A meaty texture, quite filling IMO, for those meat eaters.

irene said...

Cilantro tastes like soap to me too! Cannot use it at all.

Belinda said...

These frozen beans are the neatest thing. There are coupons out right now for this very brand. I've not used miney yet, but will probably use them before too long. Just waiting on a sale. :)

CTMOM said...

They are good (I bought the plain ones although they also have seasoned sauce ones). Note that it is 2 cups worth or a can's worth. I like to pay no more than 50 cents/can or $1/lb for dried beans. I use those numbers in making my decisions. Alternative is for me to precook beans and freeze in 2 cup increments in baggies, my own convenience food.