Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Thanks, CVS!


Over the weekend, I stopped in at CVS to pick up a RX for DD. The pharmacy tech had such a nasty cold, I said to her, "Feel better!"  She thanked me by infecting me as well. I have hardly been out in public and she had such a flagrant cold. : (

I didn't eat or cook last night, the kids were on their own. It's a sign of impending doom if I don't cook. Breakfast this morning was cold cereal-I still couldn't deal.  Ugh!

Hopefully the worst is behind me. Today, I made these:

using about 1 lb of marked down ground beef and the lb of turkey Italian sausages that were also marked down. I used 2 eggs, 1 cup reconstituted dry milk, 2 cups homemade bread crumbs, Italian seasoning, black pepper, the rest of a bit of Parmesan that I hand grated, dried onion. More stretchy than usual with the extra bread crumbs but meat has gotten so expensive. Ended up with 26 meatballs. They are now simmering in this:

Just me and DD officially for supper tonight as Wed is visitation night for the youngest. DS #1 and his GF are due to stop by soon, and are welcome to have some, if hungry. We're having Italian meatball sandwiches on marked down, Portugese rolls with option of shredded Mozzarella on top, sauteed swiss chard.  Extra meatballs and sauce will become a frozen asset.


Debbie said...

YUM!! My kids love meatball sandwiches. I love when dinner works out and there's some for the freezer. I hope you feel better soon.

CTMOM said...

Thanks. There should be a rule/law that people working in pharmacies, like in hospitals, have to be well/get clearance after being sick. At the hospital, I know that staff has to go to employee health first thing after being out with illness.
Drinking lots of herbal infussions today, made myself eat. sigh. Hoping the worst is over.

Florence said...

Oh that is so aggravating when people come to work sick! She probably infected all her co-workers who will spread it even further. DH and I have managed to avoid it so far. Hope you are better soon!

CTMOM said...

I don't know her circumstances, many can't afford not to work, don't have sick days left etc. She looked absolutely miserable and frankly, belonged home in bed. Now, I've got her crud and I try to be very carefull. First thing I do when I get home, after taking shoes off at the door, is to wash my hands. Didn't work this time. : (

My appetite is coming back-a good sign. It'll be early to bed for me tonight again.

Belinda said...

Ugh, I'm sorry you are sick from the pharmacist. :(

I hope you feel better soon.

Your dinner looks & sounds delicious. :)

Marcia in rural WNY said...

I understand your annoyance. Because I have asthma, I go to great lengths to avoid people with colds, and just a week or so ago got a bad one: from where, I have no idea! So frustrating. This time I got no secondary infections and have recovered, but often I'll still be coughing a month later. DH got it from me and his lasted half as long as mine did. A relief to know it's over now, for both of us. It is our only one in about a year. Hope you feel better quickly!

Linda said...

I just wish I knew who gave me strep throat that I have been dealing with on my blog--two shots and four prescriptions plus a half dozen otc items.

Sorry you are miserable. I suppose we should hang out since misery loves company. No, I don't need what you have and you don't need mine. We can share something else.

CTMOM said...

I also have mild asthma so when I get sick, it tends to make a quick trip to the lungs. I am feeling better, pushed a lot of herbal infussions from France, which help me a lot. I am also so careful especially if it's obvious that I've been exposed to someone who is ill, like the pharm tech was.
SHrug. It is what it is, just glad that this seems to be short lived.