Friday, March 14, 2014

Teen clothing


One kidlet NEEDS new pants, I've been after him for several weeks, sales flyers in hand, asking him to pick some out. I pushed him last night and he finally gave me a list of WANTS with color choices. Great. I went to Kohl's on line, knowing that they have a 15% off promotion code. Great. Checked on the pants in question (Levis 510 skinny): BOGO 50% off. Ok, let's do the math: $68 pair one + $34 pair 3 =$102. Coupon code EXCLUDES these pants. With tax, I was looking at $108 for TWO pairs of pants! No go.

Option 2: let's check JC Penney, same pants are on sale @ $47 x 2 =$94. Not much better. They also have a promo code but with tax and shipping these pants were still way over my $25 comfort zone.

OK, option THREE: let's see what they have for skinny jeans under "Arizona" their private label. Cool, on sale @ $14.99. We selected 2 pairs, were able to use a coupon code, had them shipped the store in the city (where I am at least 2 times/week) for $27.10 out the door! Awesome.

Kidlet needs a third pair (remember that kidlet went shopping w/o Mom,selecting a size that I wouldn't have purchased, and as I knew would happen, all of his pants are wicked short. Luckily, he wears hightop sneakers to cover them, but still . . ). We went to where $65 jeans are common. Hey-they have some $30 ones. We picked one pair out, I found a coupon code on and the $5 shipping became a wash.

JCP: $27.10
20 jeans: $30

3 pairs pants (minimum required for his wardrobe) $57.10 or $19.03/pair if averaged out. Phew! Done! We haven't bought any clothes for months, so the monies set aside every month will be used to cover these expenses. I have an actual accounting ledger that I tally in.

Next need: shorts. Hope to hit the thrift/second hand shops for these AND to ask for them for the twins upcoming, June birthday. I will also suggest 2 more pairs of skinny jeans. Let the relatives pay for them, or contribute some funds towards them via a gift card. Most practical.

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sqbdew said...

I was able to buy those same jeans at the store and use a 30% off coupon and a 10/40 plus get kohls cash, but when I tried to do it online it would not take it. So maybe try the actual store.