Sunday, March 2, 2014

Sunday supper: Beef stew

I've adapted Frugal Queen's beef stew a bit:

I've often made a beef stew in the Crock Pot, as I am today, but I am looking for ways to extend what I make, use what is on hand. Per usual, I have approx. 1 lb of stew beef cubes out of the freezer, which I cut into smaller sized cubes before freezing as I find the precut cubes to be huge, and this seems to make the meat go further.

I started by placing 6 older medium potatoes, peeled and quartered into the CP, followed by 4 large carrots, sliced; the bottom sections of 6 stalks of older celery (reserving the remaining, leaf covered sections for a turkey salad) that I chunked, then the meat. I tossed in the contents of  a small, former margarine container of frozen onion-mushroom-beef gravy out of the freezer, a large Bay leaf, some black pepper, 4 large mushrooms that I quartered (we are now out), an older , sprouting, medium onion that I diced (saving the green shoot to use like a scallion, in the upcoming turkey salad). I then heated up 2 cups of water and added a pouch of French onion dried soup mix to that, pouring this over the top (to be turned into gravy later on by using a corn starch slurry), finally adding the dregs of a bottle of red wine that has been lurking about. *I cook much more with wine than I drink! Lastly, I added the rinsed and drained contents of a can of white canellini beans to the CP, as does Froogs, so as to stretch this dinner out a bit. I plan on making a batch of herbed dumplings as she does, to help feed my teen boys' empty bellies. I simply mixed up some homemade bisquick dumplings, adding some garlic and herb, salt free seasoning to the mix.

UPDATE: While delicious, I felt that there really was no need to add the beans to the stew. I have always made stew with far more vegetables than meat, so I'll save my beans for another meal, next time.

So dinner is slowly cooking away. Laundry awaits me later tonight, once the boys return home from visitation. I have some bananas that need to be used up, thinking of making some muffins as well as a coffee cake for some breakfast choices this week. Tea has already been brewed for tomorrow's lunch sacks, we're in pretty good shape.

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Anonymous said...

I cut the beef much smaller also. But I sometimes find that I can make the stew cheaper with london broil or marked down steaks.

I will be making beef stew tomorrow since the snow will be here again! But I am making bread bowls to go for the stew. Hope your feeling better.