Sunday, March 23, 2014

Sunday cooking

 The French toast that kept getting pushed earlier this week, became Sunday breakfast with a side of Bob Evan's pork sausage, fried eggs. OJ/Coffee/Cocoa for beverages.

Lunch continues the fridge clean out. I have a few tubs of leftovers that I am pushing. Good to use it before it goes bad.
Sunday big meat supper is my last turkey breast out of the freezer. It's cooking away in my huge, oval Crock Pot, but was a bit too tall on one side, so a large piece of foil is covering the top. I figure that once it cooks down a bit, it'll compress better into the CP. Sides: boxed stuffing mix, cranberry sauce, homemade gravy, steamed cabbage, corn. Keeping it simple.

Here's DS's plate:

Naturally, after supper, the leftovers were attended to:

-a 1/2 of a turkey breast is wrapped in foil, for sandwiches this week
-the rest of the other 1/2 of the turkey breast now awaits upcoming meals this week, in a deep, beige container
-Crock Pot that held a lot of broth from cooking later had more water added to it, along with the skin, bones, turkey neck from the turkey breast. It will cook on low overnight, I'll strain it, chill it off in the morning. I will need the stock for this week's meals.


Mary Lou said...

Nice Sunday dinner at your house.

We just had bacon and egg sandwiches for breakfast. I will skip lunch.

I am making a corned beef, cabbage, potatoes and carrots for Sunday dinner here. The corned beef was a good price the other day and we didn't have one on Monday so this works and will give dh some sandwiches during the week.

young77 said...

My mouth is watering! I'm keeping my eyes open for an awesome deal on turkey breast. Thanks, too, for the suggestion re applesauce in an earlier post.

You continue to inspire me.

Marcia in rural WNY said...

I bought a half ham this week because it was 99 cents a lb. The smallest I could find was six and a half lbs, so I should be able to stretch that to several meals, both now and later--frozen assets, as you like to say. Had mashed potatoes and gravy, butternut squash (frozen since fall) and hm applesauce. For snacks later we have some gorgeous fresh pears that were only $1.28 a lb this week--an unheard of low!

I very rarely see turkey breasts under $2 a lb here, but after either Thanksgiving or Christmas, I noticed they had some fresh turkeys cut up into strange configurations, I thought. I picked up a breast quarter with one wing attached which I am going to cook one of these days---can't remember the price but it was LOW--less than $1/lb. And the news just showed how prices are now going up more due to various weather factors over the past year. Telling us ground beef is up 10% over last year--more like 20% the way I count!

CTMOM said...

This was the last of my 99/lb turkey breasts. I bought several a few months ago. It's a meat that we prefer, and I can so easily stretch it.

How was your potluck?

CTMOM said...


Media is finally catching up to what astute consumers have known for a while-there is significant rises in food staples this year. Toss in issues in other parts of the world and those foods (such as coffee, oranges, orange juice) are going to cost more as well.

I just keep tweaking what I am doing, watching my bottom line.

young77 said...

CTMOM, Thanks for asking! The potluck was fun - a nice selection of soups. Some of us filled sm cups with a little of each. Salads, sandwiches and desserts rounded it out. My pumpkin bars were well received and there was some l/o for the wkly Friday morning coffee.

I just finished slicing and dicing up a whole cp chicken to freeze for sandwiches/salads/chicken pot pie. Bones, etc are simmering for stock to add to what was left in the crock pot.

CTMOM said...

That does sound fun-a soup tasting! Glad you had a nice event. Do you have them monthly?

mikemax said...

Great minds think alike, Carol. I roasted a 14.5 lb. turkey for dinner yesterday. Nobody is even bothering to ask what's for dinner tonight, because they KNOW, LOL. My project tonight is to de-bone the bird, freeze the leftovers, and make broth. I try to do it on the day I cook it, but I just wasn't up to it last night. I watched old Cary Grant/Ingrid Bergman movies instead!