Sunday, March 30, 2014

Sunday breakfast


I used a version of this recipe:

and created a crustless, bacon/onion/Cheddar quiche. Coffee, OJ, a mixed fruit bowl of canned peaches with fresh strawberries to complete the meal

Lunch today will be homemade soup, which I will most likely be eating all week at work.

Sunday supper this week: chicken cacciatore, using a pkg of marked down thighs from the freezer. This will be served over brown rice. I anticipate planned overs to reappear later in the work week as a sauce over pasta.

DD and I plan to run over to Savers and see if I can find any pieces to refresh my Summer/Spring wardrobe. In particular, I am seeking black dress pants, capris, a navy long sleeved cardigan.

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Dawn said...

Your menu sounds good! The Bisquick quiche is making my mouth water- haha! I like Bisquick recipes- I think the impossibly easy pies are great go-to meals on busy days. :)