Saturday, March 22, 2014

Spring allergies 2014


I woke up to this e-mail, from an allergy forecast site I subscribe to:

Be prepared for allergies today! This is your Allergy Alert letting you know that allergy
conditions in your area have reached a medium to high range.


Today's allergy levels for  CT:
Saturday - 6.4/Medium

Today's predominant pollen:
Maple, Elm and Cedar/Juniper.

Tomorrow's allergy levels:
Sunday - 6.5/Medium

I am allergic to Cedar, live in a house that has several surrounding it. : (

Seems early but who knows. RX sprays on board, about to go for the OTC antihistamine. If I don't stay on top of this, I end up with sinus infections, lose my voice, etc. Gotta be well if I intend to go to work next week, knowing that any day I don't work, when scheduled to, means a big hit on my paycheck. 


Florence said...

We are buried under a layer of yellow pine and oak pollen. Definitely allergy season down here!

saraband said...

It's one thing to receive an allergy alert, but is there anything you can actually do to combat it?

CTMOM said...

Knowing that there are elevated pollen levels, and knowing which ones are elevated (as well as knowing about ozone/air quality) helps us to be proactive, take precautions such as shut windows, use A/C, avoid outside work, take RX or OTC meds as required. At one point, I suffered a horrible sinus infection a month, requiring MD visits and antibiotics. I am now down to one a year at best. What I am doing works for me and my kids.

DW said...

Odd, they're saying here that allergy season may be late because of the harsh winter ... it can stay away altogether as far as I'm concerned,LOL!