Saturday, March 15, 2014

Saturday's soup pot: beef barley


Saturday's soup pot contains a homemade, beef barley soup made for PENNIES compared to what commercially prepared soups run. I used 2 meaty, beef shanks that I got on marked down and froze. Originally $3.49/lb, after marked down, I paid $1.97/lb. Nice. I added a chopped onion, all of the leftover homemade gravy from this week's Pot roast, the rest of the Crock Pot broth from the same as well. I added 1 aeseptic box (quart) of beef broth from the pantry. Additional water to thin it down a bit. Some black pepper, a large Bay leaf and this is simmering for one hour before I remove the shanks, cut the meat off of the bones and chop it, returning it to the soup pot. I then will add a diced carrot (large one), diced potato, the leftover peas and carrots from this week, some barley and let it simmer. Done. Older son and GF are popping in tonight afterwork, this will be their supper as well.

I am also making a loaf of white bread for them to take home. The house smells awesome right now!


Debbie said...

The soup and homemade bread sound wonderful. Will there be enough for lunches this week?

CTMOM said...

Yes, I made up 3 individual meal sized "lunches" for the upcoming week. I woke up this morning, feeling like I'm coming down with a cold (the pharmacy tech the other day had a nasty one!). One of the perks of being home recouperating, has been staying away from people and germs (not that I am a germaphobe, but I don't appreciate people sharing what they have with me).

j said...

I am making beef barley, ham/potato and bean soup as we speak. I was running low on soups so all three are going now.