Sunday, March 16, 2014

Saturday's errands


Saturday's errands yesterday (in no particular order):

-Aldi's: received a $1.69 credit for the overcharge on eggs that I didn't buy. Since I was there, I picked up a large tin of coffee, and a bag of XXX sugar. Spent $6.68

-WM (my least favorite store but the other store doesn't carry what I needed): 1 box tampons, 1 pkg Lypsyl (a chapstick type product). Spent: $3.66, saved $3 with coupons (love doing that with taxables!)

-Dollar Tree (was hoping to score  some more 200 ct Scotties, they remain out). While I was there I bought: 3 of their private label tissues, a 16 oz Coke (was thirsty), 2 wax paper, 4 pkgs Keebler Rainbow chocolate chip cookies, 4 8 oz pkgs honey roasted peanuts (made GORP later), 2 pkgs mini Snickers bars, 4 8 oz pkgs Farmer John sausage links, 3 12 oz Softsoap refills. I spent $21.40, saved $2.35 in coupons (all on Softsoap, so 2 were free, one was 65 cents-awesome deal). I gifted DS some peanuts, sausage links.

-Xpect Discounts/Marc's: 2 Nutella, one Hersheys' "Nutella", 2 Men's deodorant, 3 color care shampoo, 1 large hair spray. 1 cream of wheat. I spent $12.67, saved $14.79-awesome! I gifted DS the cream of wheat, one Nutella, one deodorant.

Mostly taxables, but regardless, all these expenditures are tallied under April's modest budget.
Total spent: $44.41
Coupons saved: $20.14

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