Thursday, March 13, 2014

Running some errands


Early morning PT today; since I was already in the city, I decided to run some errands:

-CVS: picked up RX for DD: $0 as we've maxed our deductible + $15.97 in OTC meds + Easter candy (couldn't find solid chocolate bunnies at another store) $16.93. Saved $3 in coupons

I also purchased some personal care items for special needs kidlet, for which I have resources to cover that, so no out of pocket for me. I was able to get 2 items on sale @ $5 off, PLUS I added/used a CVS extra care print out coupon, saving an additional  $2 more. Nice. $19.12-again no cost to me.

-Xpect Discounts/Marc's of Ohio: Mazola butter "pam spray"-had a $1 cpn so 99 cents out the door-cheaper than Aldi's and I'll be running out, Johnsonville kielbasa $1.98 after cpn, 2 40 oz All Good p butter, 2 lbs lentils (had a hard time finding some @ 99/lb, but did in the end. Jack rabbit brand), 4 8 oz pkgs shredded 5 blend Italian cheese (my preference for baked pasta dishes, pizza @ $1.67 sale), President pub cheese $2.99 sale, 2 blocks neufchatel @ 99, hair mouse, granola, 2 "rice krispies", a lb container of orange blossom honey (really hard to find 100% USA produced but was finally able to: McLure's of New England.), 8 pack soap.  $39.30 on groceries, saved $2 in coupons + $16.11 for Easter candy. I also purchased 3 personal care items for aforementioned kidlet, same resources applied. Cost $16.07, but I was out $0.00.

-Dollar Tree: 4 200 yes 200 count boxes of Scotties-awesome! a brand we prefer, which we normally get 120 count boxes of; 2 pkgs flour tortillas (noted Aldi's charges $1.19 now, previously were 99), 1 50 ct pkg of small wastebasket bags (since not shopping for several months, plus our normal toting of our own shopping bags, we actually ran out of plastic shopping bags to line the trash baskets.), 1 3 ct pkg nite lite bulbs, 2 8 ct pkgs AA batteries, 2 20 oz bottles Silkience hair conditioner, 2 16 oz bottles VO5 shampoo, 3 6 oz tubes Aim toothpaste, 4 8 oz pkgs Farmer John pork breakfast links (I tried these before, and while fattier than I prefer, they are an all pork, no mystery chemical ingredient sausage. @ $2/equivalent a LB (vs the $4 price cut off I give myself) if precooked and drained for a bfst casserole, sandwich, quiche, this is perfectly acceptable. Spent $21.95

-Aldi's: 3 doz eggs (though charged for 4, so I have to bring my slip back for a credit. Store is good about this, it's happened before. I didnt' catch it when I reviewed my receipt), 2- 1.5  lb pkgs of BSCB tenders marked down so $1.77/lb. I've made up 3, 1 lb pkgs for homemade chicken fingers or stirfry), bologna, 4 marked down lemon and garlic seasoned pork tenderloins @ $2.35/lb after reduction. Great deal. Cooked one for tonight, 3 are frozen. gallon milk, 2 lbs stick margarine, 1 lb butter, 1 tub soft margarine, 1 18 ct double roll TP, 2 8 oz pkgs fresh mushrooms @ 79, 2 3 lb bags of onions @ 89, 2 3 ct pkgs gum, 2 8 oz blocks Colby Jack cheese, 2 "honey nut cheeris", 2 "raisin bran", qt half & half, 2 tubs organic baby salad greens, 1 pkg 100% beef franks, canola oil, 2 'regular cheerios", pickles.
Spent $74.28.

Good to replenish for the upcoming month; some of the things purchased are needed for next week, or we are simply out of: hair mousse, hair conditoner, night lite bulbs etc. come to mind. Purse strings sewn shut now. I need to do a tally, but expect that I've spent what I had remaining for March.

$152.50 groceries/OTC meds
Saved $5 with coupons
$33.14 Easter=$8.29/kid

I came home, put stuff away, promptly took a 3 hour nap!

BUDGET UPDATE: yes, I overspent (consider I had $200 for the month with $132.86 remaining when I walked into the shops. $100 cash from me + DD's "rent" of $100) so I am allocating $19.64 into April's austere grocery budget. Many of the items purchased will be consumed in April, so no issues there.


Marcia in rural WNY said...

You are well organized in your shopping trips---do you use a list or rely on memory? I ask because my husband distracted me this morning as I was walking out the door, by asking me to stop at the post office, and I left my grocery list and coupons sitting on the dining room table. Didn't discover it until at the gas station--10 miles from home and next door to the grocery store. No, I would not go back. Shopped without a list and only forgot one item (food color, not needed for this week anyhow.) Of course the missing coupons didn't help....I skipped a few items, and bought others instead. Got some 6 oz Easter bunnies on sale rather than other candy with coupons, which I can get next week instead. Frustrated, of course, but made it work. I was assisted by the checkout clerk, who was intent on using the coupons as they came out of the machine so I could save on at least a few items this week! She is obviously a serious couponer, but was a little fast and loose with the "rules." I don't think she will last if she doesn't stop that approach. I'm willing to play by the rules, and have seen a decrease in coupons already from people taking advantage of them. Let's leave well enough alone.

CTMOM said...

I could have survived without a list, but much prefer a visual reminder, especially as my grocery list has grown by the day it seems. Did trash/recycling recently and already have 3 large, tall kitchen bags full of recycling and one bag of actual trash. I am thinking of running it over to the center tomorrow. We are using quite a bit up. This morning, I measured 2 cups of lentils out of my jar. I then measured what was left as I will need 1 cup for a recipe this month. Nope, only 2/3 cup left. Since it's the first time using that new recipe, I would like to follow it to the T, then modify as desired/needed. I would have been miffed about leaving my list and more importantly, the coupons at home. Grr. Could you have phoned DH and had him read the list to you? Just an idea should it happen again.

I forgot to mention on the post, and will update it shortly, but at both CVS and Xpect Discounts, I purchased some personal care items for special needs kidlet, for which I have resources that cover that, so no out of pocket on those items. Pricey, too-over $36.

Marcia in rural WNY said...

I can do well enough without a list--mostly I list things we are out of and things on sale that I want to look at--not necessarily buy. Could have phoned but was more annoyed at the lack of coupons. I prefer a list also--and sort through coupons first to put ones I'm likely to use in the envelope I make the list on. I still take the rest of the coupons with me, however!

I know what you mean about the costs of personal/medical supplies. The assisted living bought Boost for my Mom from their pharmacy, billed to us, when I could have found it at a better price with coupons. And she used Depends, baby aspirin (cheap at Sam's Club)-- we tried to each be in charge of certain things and share the coupons too.

Now that she's gone, I'm storing a wheelchair, bedside commode and a raised toilet seat in our barn and attic. I'm 71 and my sisters said "save them till someone else needs them!!" Don't know--and don't care--where her walker went, but I know I brought the cane home (originally my DD's when she had an injury) when Mom discovered it could be used as a weapon. I don't know if Medicare paid for the walker or the assisted living merely lent it to her, but my sister was POA so she was paying the bills then. I'm the executor now. I just hope I'm not the next to be needing those things.