Saturday, March 1, 2014

Recipe share: Frugal Queen's sausage hot pot

I made this for supper tonight. I found that I had to make some adjustments.

-British pork sausages? I suspect that they are like Jones pork dinner sausages, of which we had none. I used some sun dried tomato pork sausages out of the freezer
-I used a can of Aldi's diced tomatoes with Italian herbs
-I used homemade Campbell's style pork beans
-mixed herbs? I interpreted that to mean Italian herb blend
-I don't use garlic salt so I used a no salt garlic and herb seasoning
-I saved my EVOO for salad dressings, used Canola instead
-I was unclear about steaming the vegetables. Perhaps they were to be served on the side? I couldn't tell from the photos, so I chucked it all in together
-I baked off the cut sausages, and removed them to a dish, then sauteed the onion/carrots in that pan, adding some bacon fat
-I didn't have any fresh garlic, I substituted dried, garlic granules
-No brown sauce either but a Google search told me to substitute a squirt of ketchup and some Worcestershire sauce-both I keep on hand.
-Initially, I used my 9 x 11 brownie pan but it was clear that it would spill over in the oven. use a 13 x 9 x 2 instead

Came out very, very good. 3 of us had this for supper, one had seconds and brought a serving home for his GF. One serving remains for tomorrrow's lunch. I served this with home made bread, butter/margarine to top.

Good eats!


Softie said...

I have never seen Jones pork dinner sausages in my area of the midwest either. Only the small breakfast sausages. Sounds like you did a great job converting this casserole with what you had on hand.

CTMOM said...

We really like the Jones's breakfast and dinner sausages. THey are expensive, and I just didn't have them on hand. The sun dried, pork sausages worked really well in this dish. Kids asked me to definitely make it again.: )