Friday, March 14, 2014

Reality check: the actual figures


One of the perks of electronic paycheck deposits, is that I often receive my wages before those who still physically bring a paper check to a bank. As of midnight last night, my first of 2 March paychecks was deposited and is "pending" in my checking account. Normally, we are paid on the 15th and 30th, but if those dates fall over a weekend, we get paid the Friday before, as is what happened with this particular pay period. Since some of the days within this pay period were still paid work days before the non paid leave days kicked in, and I've prepaid my health insurance last month along with my contributions to my HSA, today's check represents a 30% drop in income. My household budget is based on actual take home figures. My second check of the month will be scarier, more like a 60% drop in income, I estimate.

While this is worrisome, we've been proactive in attempting to reduce the damage that this is creating on our daily living. I've just paid out more bills,  including the biggies: rent and CC, which will be posted in the mail today. No other outstanding bills.

As of this moment, I still have over 2 months living expenses in my checking account. Child support is due tomorrow (the 15th of every month), which will help soften the blow as well.

-Oil delivered yesterday, plenty of wood on hand-which I really want to use up! Now that we're approaching April, the frequency of oil deliveries should drop, along with the associated oil bills.
-Food supplies/household supplies such as paper goods, personal care items also topped up as of yesterday.
-DD is away this weekend, as will be the twins, so meals will be for one. I anticipate eating down some leftovers in the fridge. Saves time, energy, money.
-more baking at home is planned: the cookie tin needs filling, and some non rye sandwich bread, too. making my own baked goods saves so much 4
-I do need to pick up a few more things, including some girlie items for DD, as there were none on sale and I was certain that we had a coupon for them as home, and I was right! I've culled through the coupon box and pulled any that I thought may be good deals, I'll have to check.  I also  have to go back to Aldi's for my $1.69 overcharge credit, so this will be combined with other errands.
-tax preparation must happen today, and driving the forms over to the CPA
-since I'll be close by, I'd like to use one of my prepaid certificates/vouchers and get my monthly car wash (obviously February was skipped as I was unable to drive and I don't allow the kids to use my car)
-still need to continue to cull through my closet. I've hung a plastic garbage bag over one of the closet door knobs and some items have already been placed inside for donation. It remains difficult for me to dress, so this will take some time, and I need to physically improve in order to best don/doft tops. I am anticipating a short list, however, of whatever I feel I must replace in my wardrobe. I only have approx 10 weeks remaining in this school year. I may hit the sales @ kohls this weekend as I am kid free.

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