Saturday, March 29, 2014

Off to the farm


One of the perks of joining this new, organic CSA farm, is being able to participate in several events at the farm, at no charge (normally $10/person). This morning, DD and I are heading out to meet and greet the baby animals recently born at the farm.

Bfst this morning was bacon and eggs, cooking up about 1/2 lb bacon lurking in the fridge. Some has been set aside for a Sunday quiche. I had the last slice of Rye, toasted. Coffee/OJ for beverages.

I've already brewed a new batch of green/white tea for drinks.

Lunch will be 2 beef burgers, frozen but now defrosting. Usually I make up 4 ct bags for the freezer, these were 2 leftover ones for an anticipated lunch for 2. More marked down, sesame seeded buns will be served alongside, and I need a side-perhaps a green salad. I'll figure that out later.

Supper will be a small batch of turkey soup, using the rest of the turkey in a plastic tub (the breast remains for sandwiches), the rest of the homemade stock. Carrot, celery, onion will be used as will some soft tomatoes on the counter, leftover Swiss chard, perhaps some noodles. Saltines on the side if interested. DD will be working late, so it's dinner for one, she'll grab a bowl when she gets home.

Several chores on today's list: trash/recycling, bread making, cookie baking, strip beds and do laundry.


Belinda said...

How neat that you get to participate in events at the farm! I would love to do that. :)

Kearnygirl said...

OMG! Those little lambs are too cute! How adorable are they? Lucky you!