Saturday, March 22, 2014

Moving off the menus: a fridge clear out was in order

 While soup/sandwich is the usual theme for Saturday's supper, tonight necessitated a fridge clean out. Here is a bit of leftover pizza sauce blended with 2 lone meatballs and sauce for one. Gotta make this stretch, however, to feed 4 tonight. I first mashed up the meatballs to make more of a bolognese sauce or crumbles.
 A Weight Watcher's trick: add a small can of drained mushrooms to bulk out a pasta sauce. I also added a few frozen, orange pepper strips that I diced up. I covered this and let it cook a bit.
 Meanwhile, I grabbed an opened box of Fettuccini and another box of pasta out of the cupboard.
 I cooked the pasta al dente, drained it and placed it in a Pam sprayed baking dish.
 I added the now cooked sauce. This would be fine if I was going to serve it as is. Since I have other plans, however, I know that this is not enough sauce. I grabbed a small tin of tomato sauce out of the cupboard.
 Now blended in with the pasta, this is now just right as far as the sauce is concerned.
 I grabbed a bag of 6 Italian blended, shredded cheese out of the freezer,
 and sprinkled about 1 cup's worth over the top.
 I baked this off in my table top, convection oven @ 350 for 10 minutes, until the cheese melted and browned just a bit.
 It looks dark in the photo, but wasn't burnt.
 Side veg: choice of leftover corn, leftover asparagus that I chopped before reheating.
Here's DS # 2's plate. 3 have cleaned their plates, DD is on her way home from work, I anticipate no leftovers, everything will have been eaten. Good.

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