Monday, March 17, 2014

Monday: planned overs!

Last night's Sunday supper of corned beef and cabbage was delicious!

 Round 2 is tonight's planned over meal of home made corned beef hash (set aside the fattier pieces of meat, the scraps and bits, along with a good chunk of reserved meat just for this meal, otherwise, it would have all been consumed last night!

 I also precooked/boiled some extra red bliss potatoes just for tonight's intended hash). This really is a super frugal meal, as the meat and potatoes were both purchased with a gift card. Some onion, some reserved bacon/pork fat for frying off, salt, pepper and that's all that will be needed.

Sides will be home made a la Campbell's tomato pork beans(pulling out 2 tubs of frozen assets) and steamed asparagus as well as some good, spicy mustard to accompany the hash. I am cooking extra asparagus in preparation for tomorrow's dinner plan. : )

Breakfast this morning: cocoa (more canned milk), OJ, coffee, what I call omelette sandwiched: leftover, diced ham cooked in an omelette that is folded in 1/4 wedges then placed atop a NY poppy seeded Kaiser roll, along with a slice of American cheese (the Deli stuff I got on sale a while back and froze). I'll be having strawberries and an omelette of leftover pork sausages, sliced up and leftover tater tots, intentionally cooked ahead. No cheese, no roll for me. Trying to be careful in what I eat as I was sedentary for weeks while recovering and I can see the effects on my waistline! : (

If time and energy allow (still fighting off a cold), I'd like to bake some cookies for the kids. We do have a few monkey bars (banana mini choc chip) as well as an opened package of $1 Keebler rainbow chocolate chip cookies (I had one; it quickly reminded me of why I prefer homemade baked goods!). I also have a small, ginger spice cake on hand, which I enjoy with a good cup of hot tea with lemon.

Laundry is on deck today, along with a quick medical appointment, and my monthly hair appointment that my hair dresser moved up, as of last night to today, when it was originally scheduled for this upcoming Thurs. No bother, I was able to be flexible and this actually will work out better as my monthly deep cleaning maid service is scheduled for Thurs. I took exception to how the kitchen floor was left (several areas looked like they were never washed as there were multiple drip spots (such as someone spilled/dripped some coffee/cocoa). They are supposed to hand wash the floor. Hmmm . . with a damp rag, and using my foot to scrub (I was still in a sling at the time), I was able to quickly attend to the spots. A big disgruntled, I want to talk to the team leader about it, and ensure that it is actually being done properly, especially as we scrimp and save here and there within my household budget in order to afford this luxury. With my physical limitations, this has become a necessity in my home in order to keep up to my standards. I can no longer deep clean as I would like to. I do "damage control" on a daily basis, aka light cleaning, along with a weekly washdown of the bathrooms, biweekly vacuuming, etc. Just got to keep on top of things before they become an issue. Clutter management as well.

Since our medical appointment will take me South, I will stop in at the car wash and use a prepaid voucher/certificate and get my car washed. On the way back home, I will stop in at the bank, make a deposit and pay my credit card bill off in full.


Belinda said...

That really is a frugal meal, Carol. Sounds good too.

Breakfast here was scrambled eggs, fried bologna, and biscuits. We are on Spring Break, so I had plenty of time to make this and clean up afterwards.

Dinner will be chicken strips, either mashed or baked potatoes, and mixed vegetables from a frozen pack.

CTMOM said...

I return to the surgeon in a week, and hope to get clearance to return to work, even if on restrictions. Kids in the meantime are SPOILED with me cooking a hot breakfast in the morning! : )

Belinda said...

I'd say so!! LOL

Bailey was VERY happy with hers this morning. :)