Wednesday, March 12, 2014

March's fickle weatherl

59 degrees yesterday, rain in the forecast today, turning to a coating of snow overnight into the morning commute, just in time to make for a slippery mess tomorrow. March is a fickle month, to be sure. With the damp forecast, I have asked the kids to gather more fallen sticks so that I can once again use the wood stove to keep the dampness at bay, reduce our oil usage, help dry the laundry, and for cooking, if desired. I still have quite a bit of firewood on hand, which I'd like to use up as well. I have approx 6 more weeks of heating, then the sporadic evening fire to keep the chill out of the house. Need to use what we have. I also plan on mixing up another batch of ketchup.. tickles me that no one noticed. : )


Normally, the kids's breakfast options are quick and easy: hot/cold cereal, home baked goods, toast. Since I am home, this morning, I treated them to thin omelettes with diced, l/o ham folded over to become a patty shape when placed on the NY poppy seeded Kaiser rolls I splurged on yesterday. Land O Lakes American cheese slices became the glue to keep it all together. Ovaltine, OJ, coffee completed their meals. I was able to get away with using just 4 eggs (I always thin my omelette/scrambled egg batter with water, not milk-as instructed by a French chef). Normally, I would have cooked 2 eggs per person, so I saved 2 eggs today. I only have 3 left now, and intend to bake some cookies later this afternoon-a great way also to get the chill out of the house. My breakfast consisted of 2 slices of Rye toast (Yum! my favorite), coffee, OJ, a large bowl of fresh strawberries mixed with some canned pineapple cubes. Perfect.

Kids toted turkey breast, honey mustard, Swiss cheese sandwiches on the same, aforementioned NY Kaiser rolls, white-green tea that I brewed the other day. DD and I will select from leftovers. The kids are celebrating their father's birthday at his place tonight, but being a Wed, it's dinner for me or just me and DD anyway. Leftovers on deck again for my supper. Keeping it simple, using what is on hand/using it up before it goes bad.

A large load of towels is already in the dryer, the colored clothes are now done and will be hung up to dry on clothes horses, then my third batch of laundry for the day will be run. 3 is my max as we are on a well and septic.

I have some bills to pay, some business calls to make. I'll probably take an afternoon nap, which I've been doing during my recovery.

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