Friday, March 7, 2014

Lenten meals on a budget

We observe the tradition of abstaining from meat on Fridays during Lent. While many might immediately turn to the local fish counter, that is often a costly choice. Fresh fish is rarely purchased here, and I turn more and more to canned and frozen varieties in order to continue to serve fish at least once a week to my family. Some frugal alternatives for Lenten Fridays:

-pasta with a vegetarian based marinara
-mac n cheese
-vegetarian quiche
-vegetarian or plain cheese pizza
-bean tacos/enchilladas
-broth based soups (while meat is forbidden, meat broth is allowed) w/ vegetables, noodles/rice
-bean cakes/burgers
-baked beans and brown bread (both can be made in the crock pot)
-grilled cheese sandwiches
-tuna salad sandwiches
-fried egg sandwiches
-PB & J sandwiches
-egg and green olive salad sandwiches
-sliced hard boiled eggs with mustard, sandwiches 
-baked potato bar: serve with choice of toppings (cheese, scallions, broccoli, etc)
-tuna/salmon cakes (homemade vs purchased)
-salmon loaf
-creamed tuna over rice
-creamed salmon over boiled potatoes
-beer battered fish and oven fries
-baked fish (Pollock, Whiting, Tilapia are usually the cheapest per LB; I try to limit myself to wild caught, USA or Canadian produced-my personal thing)
-vegetarian Sheppard's pie
-vegetable stir fry over rice/quinoa
-vegetable lo mein (made at home)
-vegetarian stew with dumplings, if desired
-meatless "meatballs" in sauce/gravy over pasta/starch of choice

What else can you suggest?

Tonight's Lenten Friday menu: onion/black olive/multi colored peppers and cheese pizza, tossed salad with choice of dressing. Today's cooking includes mixing another batch of Dorothy Lynch dressing.


slugmama said...

someone gave me a recipe for an "oat cake" years ago. This can be done up in a "ball" shape and sub for meatballs in spaghetti and are quite good. Mostly they are cheese and oatmeal.

CTMOM said...

Sluggy, Italian farina-Parmesan "meatballs" in marinara. Another alternative. Polenta with marinara-another good one.

Rhonda said...

I made a veg noodle stirfry last week, it is fresh vegs with some soy sauce and cooked spaghetti noodles. It is so good and I think we are having it again tonight, it is a recipe from another blog and the link is on my last Fridays post.

For me, going without meat is easy. I prefer meatless meals just for the taste,

Mary Lou said...

Tomato soup and grilled cheese always works for me.

Lili said...

How about this one? Pasta salad with canned tuna, mayo, dill weed, lemon juice, celery and some thawed, frozen peas, over lettuce, served with bread/crackers. (I'm actually planing this for us, and have a cup of frozen peas "hidden" in the freezer.) I'm not a big fish lover, but I will eat salads made with canned tuna.

Dawn said...

What a great list of meatless meals! In our house we like to have breakfast for dinner- a suggestion might be pancakes or something along that line. I like your blog! Thanks for sharing your ideas! :)

Marcia in rural WNY said...

The Prudent Homemaker blog has a chicken-fried patty made mostly of oatmeal which I keep meaning to try. She says you won't believe it's not meat! Sounds similar to what you are discussing above.

DW said...

Wow ... thank you for the list. We too, observe meatless Fridays, and I've been trying to get my menus together.
I do a vegetarian minestrone, and a lentil soup that uses veggie broth. Will be making one of both of those to take for work lunches on Fridays. My DH is planning a pasta sauce that's heavy on the bell peppers and onions.

Mary Lou said...

We had Buffalo Shrimp tonight. I had everything in the house and it was quite good. I had mine over a salad and dh had pasta with his shrimp.

Just something a little different. I get so tired of the same old, same old.

laura sampson said...

I always ALWAYS turn to falafel and hummus when my husband does Orthodox lent