Friday, March 21, 2014

Lenten Friday meals and a cleaning question

 A double batch of pizza dough was made in the ABM. Additional ingredients for tonight's supper: 1 1/2 bags worth of 5 Italian cheese blend shredded cheese,  5 good sized mushrooms that I sliced, 1/2 can black olives also sliced, the 4 bits of leftover chopped tomato from last night, the 1/4 cup or so of leftover grated Cheddar from last night, a wedge of Italian Parmesan chees
 Orange/yellow/red frozen pepper strips, a double batch of homemade pizza sauce
 Peppers now chopped and ready to go!
 Pizza # 1 was going to be just plain cheese, I had too many onions, and since Mr Picky will eat onions on a pizza, it's now an onion pizza

 Pizza # 2 is a veggies pizza. Both are now baking off in the oven. Smells awesome!

Breakfast this morning was cheese omelettes (I just had scrambled eggs) with margarine topped toast, OJ, Coffee/cocoa. Kids are taking state tests, so I wanted to be sure to get some protein into them. Lunches both away from and at home today, include tuna salad sandwiches. Kids are taking decaf lemon chiffon tea that I brewed last night. Supper will be 2 pizzas: one plain cheese and the other veggie topped: onion, mushroom, multi colored pepper, black olive (gotta grab a can out of the pantry). Kids are with me this weekend, so more cooking will be going on. Still have some leftovers that I am pushing, however. I have some baking I'd like to do as well. Snack is already made; I prepared a huge, double batch of buttered popcorn yesterday afternoon, in preparation for my monthly house cleaning service. I always provide some sort of refreshment for the cleaning team; yesterday's offerings were the popcorn and some brewed green and white tea. The ladies were quite pleased. : )

Some bad news has finally hit the media:

NO surprise that food costs are soaring due to drought, blight in FL and the herd killed off in the Dakotas this past year during a freak snow storm. I keep buckling down and pinching back so as not to raise my food budget, which I drastically reduced due to my unpaid leave.

Today's cleaning question: I've noticed that the center section of the wide range is full of cut marks from former tenants using it as a chopping block.  @@ That's why cutting boards were invented, so much better for your knives as well! 

If you look more towards the upper left of the photo (sorry about the under the range hood light reflection), you can see that these scratches are really becoming prominent and dark. I am constantly wiping down the stove after and while cooking. What do you recommend for cleaning this? I have to use what is on hand, I have the following:
-white vinegar
-baking soda
-washing soda
-Oxy type powder
-Bon Ami, Comet, Cameo cleanser, Softscrub with bleach
-assorted brands all purpose cleaner
-Wm "Tylex"

Thanks for any cleaning tips! I'd like this to be white again!

UPDATE: First I tried a Magic Eraser, and it was definitely helping. I moved to a baking soda paste (smart move!) followed by a white vinegar pour over and rinse. I'm calling this 98% improved, with one, tiny, stubborn area. SOOO much better! Yay! I like to stay on top of these little cleaning type jobs. I think it was a combo of coffee, tea and other strong food stains. Seemed as if overnight, those stupid knife cuts appeared. I keep a very clean home, regardless if I own or rent. Since I am renting, this just keeps one last minute fix off of the list.

This ended up being a freebie cleaning job, too as the vinegar was gifted to me, and the baking soda was a freebie thru Arm and Hammer (a 4 lb box acquired a long time ago).


Kearnygirl said...

That's funny because I was going to say to try the baking soda (make a paste) and then if that doesn't work, try the vinegar. You're way ahead of me! Glad it worked for you. Yes, I like to keep my house clean too and have tried so many products in the past but I stick to the ones that do the job and are not so bad for the environment.

Marcia in rural WNY said...

I would have tried the bleach first, but I'm glad you had good results your way.
After 52 years of marriage, I'm cheerfully admitting that I hate housework, always have, probably always will. Love to cook, and don't mind laundry, but cleaning floors, dusting, and scrubbing in the corners is distasteful and just plain boring. I will also cheerfully admit that my husband helps quite a lot--and I probably know very little about the vacuum we bought a couple years ago because personally, I've only used it a handful of times. In the past I found it useful to invite people for dinner as an incentive to clean up the whole house at once, but now that we've entered our 70's, we mostly just meet friends at restaurants. My house may never be ALL clean again. I like it uncluttered, but dust in the corners doesn't panic me. I used to have a LOT more energy than I do these days, and have always kept it pretty clean. I will say, Magic Erasers and Swiffer cloths are two recent products that I totally love for helping in the process.

Kearnygirl said...

I hate housework! Now that I said that, I have to admit I'm always cleaning. It's because I hate a dirty house even more than housework. So, I clean but really dislike it. I too like to cook and I don't mind doing laundry but I hate dusting and vacuuming and cleaning the bathroom, especially the shower! UGH

CTMOM said...

Marcia and Kearny

I will never say I love to clean-hardly. I enjoy cooking, laundry even. Hate ironing, dusting-ugh. I am blessed to be able to afford a once a month cleaning service to deep clean the home. With my OT and now PT issues, it is a necessity for me, in order to keep a home as clean as I prefer/would like. We sweep almost daily, vacuum weekly, wash down the bathrooms weekly. The kitchen is cleaned multiple times during the day.