Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Latest electric bill

Average Temperature
Current Month23.6
Previous Year32.4

Last month, I was far from happy to see that my electric bill crept up to $131.90, of which I am reimbursed $5 from DS for the use of the electric dryer, with the caveat that if my bill goes or remains higher than usual, that monthly reimbursement would need to be increased. Far, far cheaper than doing his and GF's laundry at a laundromat.

I took what steps I could to try to bring the electric bill back in check. Temperatures, however, have been almost 10 degrees colder on average than last year. I have been home 24/7, so the furnace is running more. No wood stove in use, the furnace has been our main heat source.

Glad to see that the bill is down to $124.94, so call my portion $119.94. I still want another $20 off of that. For many months, I was able to keep the electric at or below $100. This goal remains.


Anonymous said...

I am waiting on my electric and gas now. Its the gas bill I fear the most, since everything is gas. Hopefully with the new stove it will be lower

DW said...

Well, hopefully daylight saving time will help a bit, since you won't need lights as early. Doubt any of us are going to get any break from the crazy weather ...