Saturday, March 1, 2014

Great clips

I first heard about Great Clips hair salons from a Belinda, a blogger in TN ( Apparently, they are comparable to Super Cuts, a franchise we patronize for the kids. With tip, we are spending $20 a hair cut.
Yesterday's New Times has an ad announcing $7.99 hair cuts 2/28-3/9, no coupon needed. With tip, this would be $10 out the door for us. DD has mentioned that she needs a cut (her financial responsibility) and one kidlet does as well, even College boy needs one.

Gotta pass this along!

Bonus is that it's right next to Starbucks; I have $60 in gift cards that I need to use, intending on selecting some baked goods as I find their coffee to be bitter.


claire said...

Watch for their December special.They told me this was a repeat offer. I was able to buy a $9.99 haircut card preloaded with 10 haircuts to use this year. Of course the boys have decided to let their hair grow put a bit so haven't used it yet. I was told I will be able to use the one card for all family members. I bit of a hefty investment up front but a savings in the long run as my boys move into the adult price range.

Mary Lou said...

I'm not crazy about Starbucks plain coffee and not much of a flavoring person, but I do enjoy their Peppermint Mocha. I get it with skim milk and no whipped cream. A nice treat for not over the top calories. I ask for it extra hot since I find their coffee is served luke warm.

They also had nice low fat pumpkin loaf slices.

CTMOM said...

Mary Lou
Starbucks lemon pound cake is to die for! We first had it as part of several of our monthly food deliveries through Angel Food. High fat and calories, but ohhh! so good!

Mary Lou said...

Carol, I'll keep the lemon pound cake in mind since I believe we have a gift card. It will have to be a day when I don't care what I eat and I think we all have those from time to time.

Thanks for the tip!

CTMOM said...

Mary Lou
It's terrible for a diet:

But a wonderful treat!

Marcia in rural WNY said...

We have one called The Cutting Crew near us. On Tuesdays, women's haircuts are $17, normally $21. I give her $4 tip, thereby saving the $4 I would tip her for the $21 haircut. Used to go to Fantastic Sam's, but some of their hairdressers are right out of school, and --I suspect--near the bottom of their class! The Cutting Crew gives a much better haircut. I guess I'm used to paying that much for mine, but it would bother me to pay $20 for a boy's haircut. Cutting Crew does men as well, but I really don't know what they charge for boys. I've had compliments since I switched places, so I'm happy with it. My yoga class is on Tuesday anyhow, about half a mile down the road from there. Works out well for me.
I don't care for Starbucks either--if I'm going with others I will ask for a regular decaf, black, and they look at me as if I have two heads. If I dared, I would ask for 2/3 coffee, 1/3 hot water. DGD has worked at Starbucks and Panera, and another independent coffee place near her apartment. Starbucks gave them a pound a week to take home free (or tea, or a discount on gifts) but Panera used to occasionally let them take leftover bread or sweets--on rare occasions when no soup kitchen came to collect them. Good bread, but I wouldn't buy it if I had to pay for it. $6 a loaf or more. Cookies are great too but highly caloric!!

DW said...

We have lots of Great Clips out here in the Midwest. (Interesting note on prices ... here, the special is $6.99.)
Anyway, when you get established, they send coupons a few times a year, so you don't always have to wait for specials.
Their website also has a check-in feature ... lets you see the wait time at each salon.

CTMOM said...

DW-EVERYTHING is more expensive in Fairfield county, CT! Still, an $8 haircut is a steal!

Belinda said...

Thank you for the shout out, Carol. :)

Rachel said...

Before I started cutting DH hair we would wait to get coupons for the $7.99 special at Great Clips. I saw an ad yesterday that they were doing $5.99 haircuts all of March here in our little town.