Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Getting rid of another lurker: chocolate kisses

I had a glass candy tray displayed in the living room for months, with Hershey's Christmas chocolate kisses on the tray, in silver, red and green foil. Some were eaten, yet they remained. I moved the tray to the kitchen table, a few more were nibbled, but most have been lurking. Since the theme around here has been "use what's on hand," I decided to make a batch of peanut butter, chocolate kisses cookies, using up the rest of a jar of natural peanut butter and opening a jar of organic peanut butter, both jars were purchased off of crash and burn.

 I used this recipe:


The kids will be happy.

Since I ended up STILL having (now unpeeling/unfoiled) kisses leftover, I will chop those up, and save them in a jar for the next batch of cookies: chocolate chip. I am out of regular choc chips, and refuse to buy any at the moment, so we'll just make do.

Here's the start of baking cookies, part 2: the remaining Hershey kisses are now chopped up. I found a recipe for Toll House cookies that makes a small batch, only requiring 1 cup of chocolate chips. I eyeballed what kisses remained and my estimates were pretty close. I chose to sacrifice some of my mini chocolate chips (used in banana bars, cake decorating, pancakes) to top off the cup measurement. We're out of Walnuts and I refuse to buy any ($6.49/lb @ Aldi's is the best price around), instead selecting some of the gifted to me, South Carolinian pecans. Those would be well over $7/lb if I had to buy them. We are blessed with small luxuries.

Cookie tray number one just came out of the oven, looks like I'll get just over 2 dozen, good sized cookies out of this batch. Nice.


young77 said...

You have the Best ideas!

CTMOM said...

Thanks, Young. Kids were and remain happy at having 2 full cookie tins at the moment!