Monday, March 24, 2014

Getting ready


Good news, my surgeon has cleared me to return to work this week, although I continue with significant stiffness and lack of range of motion. We agree that at 8 weeks post op, considering the amount of repair he did, this is to be expected. I am to continue with my daily exercises at home, PT twice a week at the hospital and return to him in one month.

Medical clearance letter in hand (and later placed in today's mail), I e-mailed work and later spoke with my direct dept. head (boss) about some concerns. I'll be back in 2 days.

I am getting ready for DS #1's upcoming birthday, having decided to fill a goodie bag for him, from his brothers. His DS is on her own to contribute to a gift, card, whatever she decides. Coupons and lists in hand, I hit the stores.

Dollar Tree: 2 bottles of hydrogen peroxide (for laundry), 8 boxes of apple and maple br sugar oatmeal packets, 2 bags frozen French fries, 3 birthday cards. $2.12 on celebrations, $12.13 towards groceries.

 Aldi's: 2 boxes brown sugar Shredded wheat, 6 assorted boxes crackers, 2 pkgs fig bars, 1 box gallon storage baggies
 3 doz eggs (10 cents cheaper than last time, now @ $1.59/doz), 2 ea: chicken egg rolls and pork pot stickers (upcoming birthday celebration), 2 fzn OJ, 2 bags fzn veg blend of green/wax beans with carrots, quart 1/2 & 1/2
3 gallons milk.
Celebrations: $8.96
Groceries: $35.17

 Stop and Shop: 2, 8 ct pkgs of 80% beef patties. DD and I each had one for lunch, the rest are frozen for the future. $1.99/lb. Great price!
 Big savings on taxables: paper towels 49 cents, huge bottle Purex detergent $6.99, 50 oz Wisk $2.49. 60 oz new Tide $3.49, Snuggle softener $5.39
 Frozen veg stock up, normally $2.25 each, they are on sale @ 88 cents. I also got 2, 89 cent sour cream and $1.49 cottage cheese
Organic Swiss Chard (a huge bunch this week), 99 cent loss leader grape tomatoes, 84 cent marked down, sesame seeded hamburger buns
 Pantry goods: $1.50 tea bags,  99 cent coffee, candies $2 (for birthday boy), 99 cent p butter, $1.88 cheese crackers, $1.99 mayo, pistachios $2.99 (again bday boy)
Personal care items: men's body wash $2.50, 2 marked down men's deodorants @ $1.99, Right guard deod @ $2.66, Dry Idea  deod. @ $1.99

Spent Groceries $63.46, gift baggie stuff $12.72, saved $27.85 in coupons.

We're in great shape now, birthday stuff is completed other than making a cake, buying a tub of ice cream and ordering the big gift from Mom. Nice.


Bargain Mom said...

Hydrogen peroxide in laundry? What's it do & how do you use it,,,,,

CTMOM said...

Hydrogen peroxide removes fresh blood stains like magic. Just fizzes them away. ; )

CTMOM said...

I should add-I just pour it over the stain, watch it bubble, add more if needed then launder. Everything comes out pristine.

Bargain Mom said...

Good to know! Let me know what you think of the new tide. Regular tide scent makes my throat hurt. Smaller the new one at the store the other day. Not bad....I'm curious if it cleans as well.

CTMOM said...

As much as I like Tide (actually prefer Gain), I won't pay more than $5/50 oz bottle. These are 60 oz bottles. S & S normally sells them for $5.49, they were on sale @ $4.99 but I had a $3/2 bottles coupon, making these $3.49 out the door. 2 scents available. One I thought was sweet so I took the other. Neither were as strong as reg Tide, IMO. Label on this new version of Tide mentions low cost. Hmm . .will it clean as well as reg Tide? Fortunately we rarely are rolling around in mud, so any detergent usually does the job for me. I just felt that this was too good of a deal to pass up.

Belinda said...

Some great deal there, Carol!

Good news, money wise, on being able to go back to work. I hope everything goes well for you. :)

Shanna said...

You got some great deals. I always like to read & see what prices of things go for in other parts of the country. Here in Northern Indiana where I live Aldi had a doz eggs for 1.29 so I of course grabbed several. They had been $1.69 expensive!!!

I also got a great deal on All detergent at CVS yesterday. b1g2 free plus I used three $1 cps. Our CVS lets you use coupons on free items. So for all 3 I paid after coupons & getting 2 free $4.99. Awesome price!!!

I also bought 4 of the new Gear deodorant & 1 Gear body spray at Kroger for .69 cents each. With their mega event sale & my five $2 coupons I had to stock up for my 2 boys. I also got many many other great deals but it would be long to post. lol

Mary Lou said...

Glad to hear you're doing well enough to go back to work. I know it goes without saying but don't overdo it.

Good luck with your return.

DW said...

Glad you're heading back to work!!

Good deals ... I have to convince my DH that $1.99 is a good price for ground beef now ....

And happy birthday to your DS!

Laura // No More Spending said...

Glad to here you're able to return to work CT!

CTMOM said...

DW, the preformed burgers normally sell for $5.49/lb. thud! I try to keep meat under $4/lb. Ground poultry @ $1.50, grnd beef under $3 if at all possible.