Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Follow up with my surgeon

Follow up appointment with my orthopedic surgeon this morning, before attending my Tues PT appointment. Already 5 weeks out, my recovery is going as expected. In comparison to the surgery I had in May on the left side, since this was far more complicated, there was more and more severe damage due to trauma, I remain more limited, weak and stiff. That said, I see improvements daily. Bog milestone was getting clearance to drive. Yay!

I return in a few weeks, just prior to the day I am still on target for returning to work. We discussed this date, or if I could move it up (unpaid leave starts next week-EEK!), but due to my limitations, it's a no go. So I continue with my at home program, my twice a week PT at the hospital and hope for the best outcome possible.

I have been able to sleep in my bed for well over a week, thanks to many pillows, so I am getting decent rest. Nutrition remains important, even with the constraints on our budget.

So, in all, a good check up. More to follow in a few weeks.


slugmama said...


Rhonda said...

Unpaid leave sounds scary.
I hope you continue to heal and can get back to normal on schedule

CTMOM said...

The only income besides a mini paycheck for the 6 pays I do have covered for the first pay period this month and the anticipated 3 days that will be covered (teeney, tiny paycheck)for the second paycheck period this month, is child support. I've known that this would be the scenario, since Dec, and have tried to be proactive in reducing our expenditures in anticipation of this huge income loss this month. We will continue to be ubber frugal the rest of this school year, as I only get paid thru June and these checks have to cover my July and Aug expenses. We'll be OK, as I have planned ahead.

Debbie said...

Glad the recovery is going is planned. Good food, good sleep, and some PT will make all the difference!