Monday, March 10, 2014

Fish on Monday: salmon cakes

Breakfast this morning: planned over, homemade pancakes and VT maple syrup, pineapple juice, Ovaltine made with canned milk/coffee.

Lunch: choice of leftovers for DD and myself, kids took PB & J on homemade bread, home brewed white/green tea. Keeping it simple.

Another pot of white/green tea has been brewed for tomorrow's lunch beverage.

A quick and simple supper tonight, using more pantry ingredients:

-homemade salmon patties, served with homemade tartar sauce on toasted buns
-homemade coleslaw (use saved dill pickle brine, rest of red cabbage, mixed with green cabbage)
-steamed carrots w/ frozen peas

Choice of assorted desserts (mint/choc chip cookies, monkey bars, ginger bread cake), tea.

Other than milk, I can anticipate little that MUST be purchased for groceries this week. DD will be away (a big milk drinker)starting Fri for a long weekend to visit friends, and the boys will be with Dad again this weekend, so milk consumption will go way, way down. I've already been using my "emergency" boxed milk, we are officially out, once the 1/2 gallon of 1 % milk is gone (probably by tonight). I do still have 1 1/2 gallons of whole milk, so that is what will be available for drinking, hopefully until next Tuesday morning, when I anticipate returning to PriceRite for milk, tortillas and cheese to get me through to the end of next week's planned menus (specifically tacos and pizza). Depending upon PR's prices, I may end up shooting over to Aldi's for these items. Meanwhile, I continue to serve Ovaltine in the morning to the twins, using up the 12 cans of evaporated milk that has been lurking in the pantry closet. I am now down to 5 more cans. Each can equals 3, 8 oz servings of milk, the amount needed per serving of Ovaltine. With 2 served daily (M-F), this will bring me into next week. At that point, I'll be switching over to reconstituted, instant milk, of which I still have 1/2 of a large box or approx. 3 gallons worth left on hand. I do use the powdered milk for making bread as well, in other cooking, etc. Powdered milk has been costing me the equivalent of $2.48/gallon. I am now easily able to find fluid milk for $1.99/gallon @ Aldi and $2.49 @ Price Rite so it's a wash. Should fluid milk prices escalate, I will return to keeping large boxes of powdered milk on hand.

Home made ketchup update: no one has noticed that the ketchup in the repurposed, Heinz bottle is any different. Luckily, I have 4 more, 12 oz cans of tomato paste in my kitchen cabinet to make 4 more batches, equivalent to 4, 24 oz bottles of ketchup, using on hand ingredients. This keeps "ketchup" off of my grocery list. Although only $1/bottle, we go through a LOT of it. I'll keep the $5 that normally would have been spent, in my bank account. : )

Today there is laundry to do, probably 3 loads, with the bulk to be hung up on clothes horses to dry. Would like to finalize my tax preparation, get that over to the CPA.

My closet is penciled in for sometime* this week, no definite plan. Trying to baby my shoulder at the moment.


Anonymous said...

Wow! That's a lot early in the mornin.
I agree with you on liquid milk prices. Kinda out of control!
Luckily we are down to 1 Gallon a week - we have had times when it was 2-3 gallons per week! That gets expensive. Although cheese and greek yogurt consumption has increased here.

I am using dry milk in all my baking now and when I need to make white sauce for things like Mac n cheese. No one has noticed or complained.

CTMOM said...

I've been up since 5, as the bus arrives by 6:25 a.m.

For YEARS, dry milk was a real budget saver for me, now it's the same or slightly more expensive than fluid milk; granted I do NOT shop the IGA in town where they get $3.49-$5.49 for milk. I shop the city, paying $1.99-$2.49. 2 of my kids are huge milk drinkers. We easily can go thru almost a gallon, if I don't get proactive (cocoa and juice in morning, bread/oatmeal vs cold cereal for bfst, tea for snack drinks, after supper). I do like for them to each have one, 8 oz glass with supper, beyond that, I'm rationing it. there are plenty of other ways for them to get calcium-yogurt, cheese, canned fish such as the salmon we are having tonight. With my "tricks" we're "down" to about 3 fluid gallons/week, depending upon who is home.