Monday, March 3, 2014

Fish on Monday: horseradish encrusted Pollock

The pantry/freezer clean out continues:

The second pound from a 2 lb pkg of frozen, Alaskan Pollock fillets are now defrosting. I will be turning them into horseradish encrusted Pollock fillets. We are now down to canned  tuna, salmon, crab, clams as well as fzn salmon, Flounder.

 I recently discovered an unopened box of brown rice, buried in the back corner of the pasta cabinet (now decanted to a glass jar): side dish tonight. All regular white rice is gone (from the mountain of Angel Food white rice I had along with the Jasmine rice), and I also still  have Basmatti rice
The second of 2 pkgs of frozen squash bought a few months ago, combining a sale plus coupon at Shoprite. I'll steam these with some dill, dress with a blob of butter. Quick side dish for me. Ther remaining fzn zuke squash is either shredded for baked goods or diced for soups.

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