Friday, March 28, 2014

Finally Friday!


Friday's outfit:

dark navy jeans
navy/white, thin stripped, scoop neck, dressier T with same cloth floral rosettes around the neckline, small "pearls" embellishing flower rosette centers and even smaller "pearls" around top of neckline
purplish-blue 3/4 sleeved knit cardigan
saphire and diamond stud earings
purplish blue socks
dark brown Dansko clogs

So casual Friday it was. It was significantly warmer today, so I was able to swap my down 3/4 length coat for a boxy, coral pink fleece jacket from LL Bean.

 I worked a full day, followed by a meeting. I was beat, ended up taking another 2 hour nap!

Late supper for just DD and I, baked off some fish fillets (breaded) and served them on marked down, sesame seeded buns with Romaine lettuce, homemade tartar sauce. Fzn onion rings on the side. It worked.


Anonymous said...

Try and relax this weekend. Don't over due it

Belinda said...

The first day back after a break is tiring. A nap sounds perfect!

Lee Ann said...

the top sounds beautiful. I would love to see it!

CTMOM said...

Lee Ann

I paid $3.99 for this Dress Barn top, found at Salvation Army last year:

: )

CTMOM said...

J-yes, I am listening to my body, it's telling me to go gently.

: )

CTMOM said...

After working a full day (we had 1/2 day classes but I had to stay all day the previous 2 days-no problem, I had plenty of regrouping/planning to do), I stayed after school for a meeting on Fri. A long, long day.
Ended up taking a 2 hour nap again, and slept in a bit this morning (Sat) as well.