Sunday, March 2, 2014

Crunching the numbers, and closing out on February

With receipt yesterday, of my second paycheck for February, I was able to close out the budget sheet for last month. Since I had to prepay for some deductions for March's 2 pay periods, I took in 6.8% less income in February. Nothing major, as we live well below our means, with a maximum monthly savings potential of 29.3% of my take home income. Fine.

 I've been proactive, however, since learning of my upcoming, unpaid medical leave, which should start in a few days (depending upon any work cancellations due to storms, which equal an additional paid day of work this next week).

March is a much, much different situation. My monthly income will drop  approximitly 87.9%. That just plain HURTS. At this point, I am scheduled to return to work on 3/26 but I return to the surgeon on Tuesday, and am hoping that I will get cleared to drive. I will also discuss getting clearance to return to modified duty at work, if he feels it is at all realistic. My recovery is of utmost importance, however, and I will follow the surgeon's recommendations to the letter.

Note that some bills MUST get paid in March: rent, utilities, some food, life ins, hair cuts, one kid is desperate for pants, cat food, newspaper, gas for my car by the end of the month I anticipate, trash, the cleaning service, netflix, most likely the plow service. While the remaining items are in my budget (such as car ins, renters ins, Xmas etc)-those budget line items will not require any payout in March. This gives me some wiggle room, as every expenditure is scrutinized.

Return to work=return to an income stream. So, I eat well, I attend my twice weekly PT sessions, I follow up 3 times a day at home with my exercises, I stick to a sleep schedule, I follow my doctor's orders. I've got to do this right.

Wish me luck!


Softie said...

Good luck! I feel like with your determination this will work out for you.

slugmama said...

You aren't winging it or going into this blindly without forethought or planning.
You'll be fine.
Things will be tight but you'll overcome it in due time.
Just keep doing what you know you need to do to get your body healed.

young77 said...

Good luck to you. Again, let me say you are amazing!

CTMOM said...

Thank you, Young77. : )