Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Crock Pot Tuesday: Beef pot roast

Beef is on the menu-something that is less and less frequent, due to cost. This particular roast is a large one (6 lb +) that I got on sale (limit 1) and cut into 2 before freezing. I'll call this a 3 lb roast. It now sits in an oval Crock Pot (love Freecycle!) along with 4 good sized potatoes, cut in half; 3 huge carrots cut into chunks, a can of golden mushroom soup, a pkg of French onion soup mix (gifted to us), black pepper, a large Bay leaf. I'll let it just do it's thing all day.

Laundry from yesterday now folded, got at least one load to run today and hang to dry.

I need to be at PT this morning for 8:15 so I'm off to shower and get dressed. After PT, I'll hit the expensive IGA on the way back home, and see how far I can stretch this gift.

I also will stop at the Vet's as one cat's special dry cereal is in.

Taxes are on deck this afternoon.

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Anonymous said...

I cut roasts in half, too. I used to keep a huge one in the freezer for a "company is coming" meal, but at some point a light bulb went off and I said to myself if company came I'd just cook two pieces...lol.