Saturday, March 8, 2014

Cleaning question


I discovered that the countertops (ancient, off white laminate)were looking a bit grungy in the kitchen (note, I have them professionally cleaned once a month, and they are constantly wiped down during the course of the day). I also spotted what looks like circular rust stains. Hmmm. I tried a Magic eraser, helped some. Then  Bon Ami-it got some nasty looking ick out of the undersurface/cracks/scratches where former tenants used the counter for a cutting board. @@  Stains better, but visible. I moved to some Comet, better for cleaning and stain removal. I wonder if there is anything else I could try, knowing that I am limited to what I have on hand. My next thought is a baking soda paste left on, then spritzed with some vinegar. I have several spray cleaners on hand, Borax, Amazing orange cleaner, washing soda, ammonia.


After the Magic eraser, Bon Ami and Comet, I tried and used up the last of some spray bottle all purpose cleaner. Did nothing but make the kitchen smell nice.

I then tried SOft scrub with bleach, followed by Bar Keeper's friend. Both seem to have helped so I called it quits.

The stains are very faded, one would have to be told where to look. I am just ensuring that there is nothing that I can get dinged on from my security deposit.  As with many issues in this rental, it's being left in much better condition and much cleaner than when I took tenancy of it.


Anonymous said...

I'm a baking soda and vinegar kind of girl. It's my standard go to whenever I need something cleaned.

Kearnygirl said...

Hi I read your blog but never have commented before. I have laminate countertops and always use the soft scrub with bleach too. I've had stains from putting a teapot which was dripping tea underneath on the counter top and had big tea stains happen but the soft scrub always takes them out. I love that. It's not harsh and doesn't scratch the surface so I use it all the time. I like your blog a lot and follow it routinely.

CTMOM said...

Thanks for the recommendation on using softscrub. I am currently limited to using what I have on hand, really can't purchase anything but needs at the moment. I've been able to significantly lighten the stain and get alot of previously unnoticed grunge out of/off of these rental countertops. Just making an effort to avoid any possible charges against my security deposit, with the thought that we will most likely move, if I can find a suitable and affordable situation in this town. Frankly, I'd take her to court if she did, these are counters probably from the 70's and if there was tenant damage done by me (vs a former tenant) she'd have to prove that I did it, and if the judge felt that I was responsible, they are 40 year old countertops which have burn marks, knife marks on them and are delamenating from the plywood underneath. Major depreciation factor would have to come into play. I also don't want a negative reference for any prospective new LL's. I know that this LL resents/is less than thrilled that I had a long list of repairs to be done before I even moved in,and more added once we were in (had gone unnoticed), and more done during our tenancy. It's a situation of neglected maintenance, she is in FL while I am in CT-not ideal. Never is up here either to check first hand on how things are going. Has a handyman whose services, I wouldn't employ. My X was also a contractor, so I know quite a bit about house building and repairs/maintenance.
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Rhonda said...

My go to cleaner for our white sink and light colored Formica is Walmart spray cleaner with bleach. I know bleach is not popular and I don't think you have any of this cleaner on hand, but you might want it to try it when your income is normal again. I think it sells for $1.37 here

CTMOM said...

I have WM tylex with bleach & fantastik w/ bleach on hand

Belinda said...

Sometimes I take a paper towel and soak it in bleach (almost dripping) and set it right on a stain and just leave it for an hour or so and it takes care of a lot, like the grout between the kitchen sink and the wall. It looks like new when it is done. :)