Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Being able to afford meat . .

 is getting harder and harder to do. I stick with my $4/lb maximum. Today, I chanced upon some deals on chicken drums. Interesting thing is at store # 1, they were marked down a certain percentage, making the first package I picked up, priced out at $1.69/lb. No thanks. A while later, while at a sister store of the same chain, I found "manager's special" stickers on the same chicken drums. This time, they were all marked @ 59/lb. Each package holds 5 drums, so I bought 6 in total, later decanting them to a plastic baggie, and making 3 meal sized bags of 10 drums. I also got some 85% ground beef on marked down, coming in at $2.59/lb. A 2 lb block was frozen, intended for a future meatloaf, a 3/4 lb  baggie was frozen intended for spaghetti or another casserole/soup, I had a burger for lunch and the rest will be used to make some meatballs for the freezer-about 1 lbs worth of beef.
 I had some difficulty capitalizing on a spend $25, get a corned beef or $1.79/lb coupon offer, limit one. Store # 1 was out, they aren't going to get anymore. Store # 2 had what I needed, but the coupon wouldn't ring through, the computer stated that it expired. It is good through the 18th, which is today. The cashier called someone over and they fixed it. So another offering to the frozen goddess aka my freezer.
At Aldi's, I chanced upon a pkg of marked down, turkey Italian sausage. Along with the aforementioned lb of beef, it will become a batch of meatballs for the freezer. Just a few meatballs per person, stretched with breading, it'll have to do.

I also picked up a 2 lb bag of frozen Tilapia at Aldi's. $3/lb.


Dawn said...

I agree with you- meat is getting harder and harder to afford. I am learning lately how to stretch out the meat I have to make it go farther with the meals I cook.
I think you did very well- it looks like you got some good deals and you will be able to make them go a long way and get several meals out of the meat you got. High Five! :)

CTMOM said...


I bought basic, no frills meat:
-frozen white fish fillets
-chicken drums
-ground beef
-corned beef brisket

No steaks, no roasts etc.
Just plain meat, and had a hard time doing so. Blessed that in the end, I lucked out, don't get me wrong. It's just getting harder and harder to do so. What meat we do have, is stretched as far as it'll go and we don't serve meat at least 2 times/week now.

Belinda said...

Wow, some great deals on Meat, Carol. That is getting harder and harder to do these days.

DW said...

I agree about meat prices! Suppose one good thing about observing meatless Fridays is that it helps the food budget.