Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Back to work!


Back to work bright and early this morning. We were lucky, not a flake in the sky, the snow was pushed out to the ocean. Perhaps Spring weather can actually catch up?

My clothing was recently switched around in the closet, and while I still have a pile of clothes to sort out, as well as some storage bins, there is plenty already in there for me to work with. Spring outfit number one:
-black dress pants
-black/pink/magenta short sleeved floral blouse
-pink, acrylic, long sleeved cardigan
-black flats
-pear drop ear rings and matching necklace

I felt good in this outfit, it was comfortable and is washable (a must!) and I received multiple compliments. Great!

Tomorrow's Spring outfit number 2 is at the ready, on my bedroom chair (I like to select my clothes the night before; it just makes the early mornings go so much smoother!):
-brown dress pants
-scoop neck, dressier short sleeved T in a bright coral-pink color
-long, silk scarf in same coral-pink, magenta, brown
-ecru, acrylic, open work, shawl collared, open cardigan
-silver flats
-diamond stud ear rings

I continue to use what I already own, mixing/matching as ever to gain more mileage. Keeping shopping to a minimum this Spring/Summer.

Bfst from home:
butternut squash bread
coffee with cream and sugar

*Note: I toted a container filled with yogurt (glass refillable) for a mid morning snack, but never had it as we were on 1/2 day schedule due to state tests.

Water from the cooler at work

Lunch from home:
l/o pasta bake, l/o asparagus

Snack at home:
a cup of "splash" tropical blend juice (I had a headache all day)

Took a 2 hour nap once home (not a surprise that I needed it) and I'm awaiting my dinner to finish heating up. Wed=leftover night (for one today) and I'm having the extra portion of baked Flounder, Basmati rice, broccoli florets. A nice cup of tea, perhaps a homemade cookie or 2, and I'll be calling it a night.

I've folded the dried laundry, and await more towels before washing the next load. I only run a full machine. Pantry goods taken out in preparation for tomorrow's supper, food stuffs checked for tomorrow's work/school lunches to tote from home, breakfast items at the ready.

Good to be back at work. I need the stimulation, as well as the paycheck. Found out from HR that since they already sent out the payroll order last week, my earnings from this week won't be paid out until the 4/15 check. No bother, I still have a 2 month cushion in the checking account. It'll come out in the wash, so to speak.


young77 said...

CONGRATULATIONS!!! It has to feel good, on many levels, to get back to work! Your organizing skills are awesome! Yes, taking a nap after getting back is very important.

DW said...

Yay! You made it!

Kearnygirl said...

So glad you are well enough to be back at work. It must have been a tiring first day back. Love your descriptions of your outfits. They sound so pretty. Yes, like young77 said, you are very organized. When I worked, I would try to think of what I could wear the next day but I never actually put it out the night before, but at least I had a good idea of what I was going to wear. My mother is in a nursing home now and she still puts her clothing out for the next day! Incredible! Best wishes

Liz Bernard said...

Congratulations on your return to work. I like the sound of your outfits, I must get back into the habit of laying out five outfits each Sunday.