Tuesday, March 18, 2014

A few top ups, and taking advantage of specials at the grocer's

 A quick Aldi's run this morning: 4 bottles of juice, 8 8 oz cans tomato sauce, 6 8 oz cans mushrooms (I had stopped buying them as they were coming from China-a different store and brand. These, I am happy to report, are from France. Europe has much more stringent food regulations than China, so I deemed these acceptable), 2 lbs strawberries, cantaloups, bananas, 2 lbs carrots, 2 lbs fzn Tilapia fillets, 2 doz eggs, and a treat: a block of 5 of 6 assorted types of British Cheddars, cut into long rectangles and packaged together. The cheese was reduced to $1.99 from $3.49, so worth a try. Missing from photo: 2 gallons 1 % milk.
 From Stop & Shop: 2 20 oz containers of raisins on sale, 2 quarts vanilla low fat yogurt (having a cup of yogurt mid morning as a snack really helped me this past Fall to start losing weight. I'm back on board with this trick which seemed to work for me. S & S sells their own label yogurt but not in vanilla low fat (they used to), organic Swiss chard. Missing from photo: 59 oz bottle of Tropicana OJ ($1.99 w/ cpn loss leader) and 1 carton of choc chip ice cream (my throat hurts . . . )
2 16 oz bags each of frozen peas, mixed veg. On sale @ $1/bag. My go to price.


j said...

Great prices! How is your Pt going and how are you feeling?

CTMOM said...

As much as I hate parting with $ at the moment, I can't afford not to. KWIM?
PT remains at 2 x's/week. I am making progress, still pretty stiff, weak. Can only lift my arm without assistance up to straight out in front of me, and can't hold that position too long. This is normal. I went thru this not too long ago with the other side. Gotta be patient, no pun intended. : )

Softie said...

Good deals. I know you answered a question I had once bfore about your weight loss but I would be interested to hear more about what helped you and what you ate.

CTMOM said...

Softie, while I lost weight (and recently regained some back GRRR), I can still stand to lose more. I avoid/don't worry about actual numbers, but rather how clothes fit/feel and my health. That said, the quest is back on to initially lose what my sedentary month of recouperation has put back on, and what still needs to go.
My general plan:
bfst: 8 oz cup OJ (my sugar boost and vitamin C), 2 cups coffee with 1/2 & 1/2 and sugar, a bread item (banana bread, toast, muffin).
Mid morning snack: fruit and some vanilla low fat yogurt
Lunch: leftovers/homemade soup, fruit, unsweetened tea
Dinner: protein, 2 veg, starch. 8 oz cup low fat milk (calcium boost)
Dessert: about 1ce a week
Throughout the day: as much water, unsweetened tea as desired
*no eating after 8 p.m.
I found that having a mini snack (fruit, fruit + yogurt, popcorn etc) really helped to overcome hunger pangs. A trick in the afternoon is for me to have my tossed salad that would be eaten at dinner, around 4-5 p.m. depending upon where I am. We eat dinner anywhere from 6-7 p.m.


CTMOM said...
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Softie said...

Thank you for that quick answer! My bfast and lunch plan is similar to yours and I usually stay on track during the day (Because of work I believe). It is dinner and evening I need to get more under control. I really appreciate your tips. Good luck with the continued recovery and weight loss!

Linda said...

Those were a lot of good deals. My breakfast that keeps me not hungry for about 4-6 hours is two scrambled eggs and 12 oz of whole milk. I get enough protein and fat, both okay. Eggs do not cause cholesterol that hurts arteries. Besides, my hens are grass fed, so there is plenty of Omega-3...just an explanation of why this is not dangerous to my health. During the morning, I drink water or diet coke..not good, but not often.

16 oz./#1 of frozen vegetables is my buying price. I dehydrate them to cut down on storage space.

CTMOM said...

I should have added to the post: I get up at 5, usually have my juice. Coffee and bread item by 6 and then I head out the door. Mid morning 10ish snack, then lunch can be anywhere from 11-12, with only 15 minutes time. Dinner is between 6-7 p.m. depending upon commitments. If I need something in the afternoon, it's the 4 p.m. range.