Saturday, March 15, 2014

5 things I did to save $ this week

Melissa over at Housefullof Searls started this:

Judy over at that's udy with a J has joined in:


So now I'm jumping on the bandwagon!

My top 5:

1-used coupons and coupon codes while shopping. Saved $5 on kidlet's jeans, $18.35 on groceries

2-acquired aka "purchased" RX  for DD and multiple personal care items for special needs kidlet, using alternative resources and paid up high deductible insurance so my net out of pocket was $0. Retail is approx $200.

3-used my credit card to pay oil bill delivery, therefor "earning" points that I later convert into a cash credit to my CC. (I will use them to acquire a laptop for DS's upcoming, April birthday at little, if any, cash outlay on my part). CC naturally is paid off in full every month, avoiding any fees

4-Shopped alternative stores: 1) the pricey IGA for which I used a gift card, 2) discount grocer, 3) Dollar store, 4)Aldi, 5)CVS, 6), 7)

5-convinced kidlet who is desperate for new pants, that the $68 BOGO 50% off are no better than the $14.99 jeans (bought 2 pairs of those). Both will cover his body just fine, thank you very much! Since I saved by selecting the $15 pants, we "splurged" on one pair of $30 pants. My price point is $25 max. Combined, these came in at under $20 each. Perfect.

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Anonymous said...

I like this idea!

Great job on the pants!

Kearnygirl said...

Wow! I've got a lot to learn about shopping for bargains. You certainly did a good job finding the jeans/pants for your son at great prices. It pays to shop around on the internet to compare prices before actually settling on anything. I don't usually shop at JCPenney (I don't know why not!) so now I am going to check that store out more often. Thanks for the tips. Wish I was as diligent as you are.

CTMOM said...

I really have no choice at the moment. Kidlet NEEDS pants, ideally 3 . No way can I pay over $100 with shipping, tax etc for just 2 pairs. I don't pay that much for my own clothes. Sigh. Luckily, kidlet understood that by making a more frugal section, he could get a third, more trendy pair, as a result. Wise use of clothing funds at the moment. I need to replace some pants for myself, and could use a few replacement tops for Spring. I'm looking at my clothes, and many are quite sad.