Wednesday, March 5, 2014

5 1/2 weeks=53 lbs=$10.60

I last emptied the recycling and trash 5 1/2 weeks ago, just prior to my surgery. While there still was plenty of room in the huge, green trash container, we have been getting creative in storing the recycling, as we are such heavy recyclers. My Prius was PACKED, but I was successful in getting rid of all of it. : )

I do get charged 20 cents/lb for our actual trash, and I had 5 bags of trash (regular, tall kitchen garbage bags, not the mega sized, Hefty type). 53 lbs of trash=$10.60. This is what we normally generate. Averaging the cost of the transfer station sticker for my car, $2.08 is the monthly charge for the right to use the town transfer station. I budget another $8 or so to round this up to $10/month for trash fees. Perfect.

The only other option would be to use a private trash hauler (no town trash collection) at a cost of much, much more and they wouldn't recycle as much as I do myself.

This works for me.


Debbie said...

We take our own trash to the landfill. We recycle and use our compost bucket in the back yard. Our county charges a fee of 25 dollars a year for the county sticker on the car. It validates that you are a county resident. We pay nothing extra for trash removal. If we went with a private company, they charge up to 30 dollars every three months. I'd prefer to keep my cash in the bank. Plus, my husband and I take two bags of house hold trash a week, along with a bucket of recycling to the landfill. Our two dogs come for the ride. It's cheap entertainment to bring the dogs along. Our metal and aluminium get sold to a company for 0.60-0.69 cents a pound.

Anonymous said...

Could your oldest son run it down for you next time? That way you don't hurt your shoulder getting it and our of the car

CTMOM said...

When we first moved to this town in '90, I looked into trash haulers. At that time, it was $40/quarter. Fast forward, and when I looked into a service when I moved here in '12, it was $50/month. No thanks, I'll pay $120/year and know that I'm following my green convictions in the process. : )

CTMOM said...

My shoulder is very stiff, I know and the Dr and PT have both told me, to use it as much as possible to limber it up. Shoulders are hard to rehabilitate, just was thru that with the left side, now it's my dominant, right side. I've got to push myself a bit (not to the point of pain=no go, stop what you are doing and dial it back a bit). As uncomfortable as it was to drive this morning, it's a necessary thing. Also, I only have to drive over there, the attendants take everything out of the car for the customers.

~Carla~ said...

We have ours picked up here thankfully and there's no charge (well.. our taxes, etc..) unless you go 'over the limit'. Do you recycle as well? Our recycling always fills, but better that than our garbage I figure!

Paid in Chickens said...

Do you get a lot of fly tipping (dumping) if you have to pay for your rubbish to be collected? Our rubbish is collected and we pay through our council tax (local area tax)

CTMOM said...

Yes, we compost and recycle heavily. I will estimate that for each kitchen bag of actual trash we make (one a week or less), we collect 2 bags of the same amount of just recycling. The more I recycle, the less trash I make, the less my fees are. It's something I believe strongly in, regardless.

CTMOM said...

Paid in chickens

Not really in this town, but occassionally we'll see illegal dumping in the city. People are very green and conscientious around here. We are all on wells, no city water. We are in a forest of trees. In fact, the state designed it's recycling mandate after our town's, which dates back to the 1970's-just part of our make up, it seems.